Best Winter Tires For Suv 2023

Winter is coming, and it’s time to prepare for the cold weather! Having the right tires on your SUV is essential for keeping you safe and secure in extreme weather conditions. If you’re looking for the best winter tires for an SUV in 2023, then you’re in the right place!

In this blog post, I’ll provide a complete buying guide full of tips and tricks to help you find the perfect tires to get you through this winter season. Read on to find out more!

Best Winter Tires For Suv 2023

  1. MICHELIN Pilot Sport Radial Tire (Editor’s Pick)
  2. MICHELIN X-Ice Snow Car Tire (Best Overall)
  3. General Altimax Arctic Winter Tire (Budget Friendly)
  4. Continental 215X55R16 Tire 
  5. Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire
  6. Bridgestone WS90 Winter Tire
  7. Bridgestone DM-V2 SUV Tire

1) MICHELIN Pilot Sport Radial Tire

Best Winter Tires For Suv

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The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Radial Tire’s tread design is engineered for superior grip and traction. This tire’s tread design maintains a solid connection between your car and the road, even on wet roads or tight curves. No more control sacrifices, even in difficult situations.

High-Speed Dominance Redefined

Speed freaks, rejoice! The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Radial Tire is ideal for track and high-speed driving enthusiasts due to its high-speed rating. Enjoy the thrill of pushing your car to its boundaries knowing that the tire’s superior structure will keep you on the road at high speeds.

Uncompromising Stability and Handling

Imagine negotiating through difficult terrain or changing lanes quickly. The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Radial Tire’s structure is your ally now. This tire’s stability and handling ensure that your car answers to your every order, giving you confidence even in the most challenging situations.

Enjoy Peace and Comfort

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Radial Tire defies the idea that performance tires sacrifice comfort. It rides smoothly and quietly, making it ideal for extended trips. High-performance capability and refined comfort elevate your driving experience to new heights.

The Best

In conclusion, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Radial Tire is the best choice for drivers who want something special. This tire redefines high-performance driving with its unparalleled grip, handling, and stability. The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Radial Tire showcases tire engineering at its best, whether you’re racing or commuting.

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2) MICHELIN X-Ice Snow Car Tire

Best Winter Tires For Suv

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MICHELIN X-Ice Snow Car Tires are powerful due to their unique tread design. This meticulously crafted design offers unrivaled snow and ice traction. This tire makes driving on treacherous winter roads easy.

Rapid Performance

The high-speed rating and exceptional grip of the X-Ice Snow Car Tire make it suitable for many driving circumstances. The steady performance of this tire offers you the confidence to drive on winter highways or high-speed roads.

Stability and Handling Redefined

The MICHELIN X-Ice Snow Car Tire is designed for handling and stability. The tire remains calm and responsive in difficult situations, providing a safe and dynamic driving experience. This control prepares you for winter driving issues.

Have Peace and Comfort

Besides its effectiveness, the X-Ice Snow Car Tire prioritizes comfort. Long-distance winter trips are quiet and comfortable with the tire. Its performance and comfort make winter drives delightful, allowing you focus on the road ahead.

Winter Companion Ideal

In conclusion, the MICHELIN X-Ice Snow Car Tire is perfect for snowy and icy driving. Grip, handling, and stability redefine winter driving, equipping you for the worst circumstances. This tire’s performance and comfort make winter travel confidence and comfortable.

Finally, the MICHELIN X-Ice Snow Car Tire revolutionizes winter tires. Modern design, cutting-edge traction technology, high-speed capability, and driver comfort make it a top selection. The MICHELIN X-Ice Snow Car Tire offers unrivaled winter driving grip, control, and comfort.

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3) bGeneral Altimax Arctic Winter Tire

Best Winter Tires For Suv

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The General Altimax Arctic Winter Tire’s genius is its tread design, which provides unmatched traction and grip on snow and ice. This design keeps your car stable and controlled in the worst winter weather. Slipping and sliding are gone with this tire.

Unbeatable Speed

Winter driving doesn’t limit speed. The General Altimax Arctic Winter Tire is rated for high-speed travel and highway use. You may cruise confidently knowing this tire’s capabilities go beyond icy conditions.

Stability and Precision Crafted

Snowy winter roads require steadiness and precision. The General Altimax Arctic Winter Tire is designed for it. This tire stays steady in any weather, ensuring a safe and controlled ride.

Unwavering Cold Performance

Extreme cold can damage regular tires, reducing flexibility and performance. But the Altimax Arctic Winter Tire has a cold-resistant rubber compound. It stays flexible in the coldest temperatures, ensuring maximum tire performance throughout winter travels.

Winter Drives in Peace

The General Altimax Arctic Winter Tire promises to make long-distance winter trips more enjoyable. It provides a smooth, quiet ride as well as great performance. This makes it perfect for long excursions where comfort and control are equally important.

Making the Final Choice

For a winter tire that does everything, the General Altimax Arctic Winter Tire wins. Even in the worst snow and ice, it has excellent grip, precision handling, and stability. This amazing tire will boost your winter driving experience.

Avoid sacrificing safety, performance, or comfort. Upgrade to the General Altimax Arctic Winter Tire for winter road confidence.

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4) Continental 215X55R16 Tire

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The Continental 215X55R16 Tire’s tread design is precisely engineered to deliver an exceptional driving experience in all road conditions. This tire provides a secure grip on rainy streets and sunny roads. Avoid slipping and gain control as you navigate different terrains.

Smoothly Balance Speed and Stability

Increase your driving speed with the Continental 215X55R16 Tire. This tire isn’t just pretty—it’s intended to withstand high-speed driving, making it a trusty highway companion. Stability and handling have been carefully optimized in the tire’s design. Even in difficult situations, your vehicle will stay in control.

Enjoy Peace and Comfort

With its unmatched comfort and tranquility, the Continental 215X55R16 Tire makes long rides easy. Smooth and peaceful rides let you enjoy every second of your trip. The tire’s advanced innovation reduces road noise, calming your vehicle. Your journeys will be fast and peaceful.

Creating an Eco-Friendly Future

The Continental 215X55R16 Tire is environmentally responsible and performs well. Continental’s sustainability is shown through this tire’s fuel-efficient composition. You’re improving your driving pleasure and helping the environment by picking this tire.

Unmatched Performance in All Conditions

In variable weather, the Continental 215X55R16 Tire is the best choice for drivers wanting high performance. This tire’s excellent grip, handling, and stability will keep you safe on the road in any conditions. You can handle any weather.


Finally, the Continental 215X55R16 Tire redefines tire excellence. It revolutionizes high-performance tires with its innovative design, handling, and stability. This tire guarantees an unforgettable experience on high-speed adventures or difficult terrain. The Continental 215X55R16 Tire offers unrivaled grip, handling, and comfort. Your journey will change.

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5) Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire

Best Winter Tires For Suv

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The Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire’s unique tread design provides unwavering grip and traction in all circumstances. This tire delivers consistent performance on rainy or sunny routes. You may forget about seasons with this tire.

Speeding Up: High-Speed Dominance

Want the exhilaration of high-speed driving and the wide road? The Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire stimulates your yearning. This tire turns your car into a speed demon with an unmatched speed rating. Feel the adrenaline rush as you boldly attack the road with your tire designed for the task.

Designed for Stability: Mastering the Elements

Stability and handling are essential in difficult conditions. The Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire optimizes every aspect for confidence. This tire keeps you in control of your vehicle no matter the road.

Comfort Serenade: Quiet Rides Ensure long-distance journeys are peaceful and comfortable. The Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire fully supports this idea. Its engineering excellence extends beyond performance to a tranquil ride. As you travel, abandon the road noise and enjoy a symphony of silence.

Safely Navigating Wet Terrain

Hydraulic circumstances might be dangerous, but the Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire protects you. This tire stays securely grounded on rainy conditions thanks to its water-resistant tread pattern. This tire readily delivers safety, not just a feature.

The Best: Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire

In conclusion, the Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire represents the pinnacle of high-performance tires. This tire has it all: outstanding grip that embraces every curve, stability that tames even the hardest terrain, and comfort that turns travels become memories. Replace compromise with a driving experience that smoothly blends power, finesse, and versatility. Rethink your journey with the Pirelli 245/65R17 Tire.

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6) Bridgestone WS90 Winter Tire

Best Winter Tires For Suv

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A tire with superior traction and grip is needed for winter driving. The Bridgestone WS90 Winter Tire’s unique tread design meets this difficulty. Its complex design bites into snow and ice, delivering an unmatched grip that keeps your car stable even in the worst winter conditions.

Harness High-Speed Performance

The WS90 Winter Tire excels in snow and ice, but it also has a high-speed rating for highway travel. You may conquer open roads with the same confidence and control as on a sunny summer day.

Built for Durability and Handling

Stability and handling are crucial on cold terrain. The Bridgestone WS90 Winter Tire is designed for maximum stability, keeping you in control even when nature rages. Advanced construction techniques improve handling, giving you the confidence to traverse twists and curves like a straight road.

Cold Conditions: Flexibility and Performance

Winter’s chill can damage tires. The WS90 Winter Tire has a specific rubber formula that keeps it flexible in the coldest conditions. This unique feature keeps your tires in contact with the road, maximizing performance even in the coldest winter weather.

Silent Comfort for Long Winter Expeditions

Long-distance winter trips demand more than technical skill—they want a comfy, silent tire. Bridgestone WS90 Winter Tires handle this difficulty, giving a smooth, peaceful winter ride. Escape the road noise and enjoy a tranquil trip.

Increase Your Winter Driving Experience

Bridgestone WS90 winter tires are top-notch. Its unmatched traction, high-speed capability, stability, and cold-weather performance redefine winter driving. The Bridgestone WS90 Winter Tire combines safety, performance, and winter mastery.

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7) Bridgestone DM-V2 SUV Tire

Best Winter Tires For Suv

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The Bridgestone DM-V2 SUV Tire’s tread design powers its performance. This precision-crafted tread pattern provides unmatched grip and traction on various road conditions. This tire performs well year-round on rainy streets and sunny roads. Its unique design directs water away, reducing hydroplaning and ensuring road safety.

Learning Stability and Handling

Imagine driving down a winding road where every turn reflects your goals. This is the DM-V2 SUV Tire’s experience. This tire is designed for optimal stability and precision handling, holding up to the toughest road conditions. Say goodbye to uncertainty and embrace a tire that puts you in control on urban streets or thrilling highways.

Speed Ratings for Elevated Experiences

High-speed driving is fun with the Bridgestone DM-V2 SUV Tire. This tire is designed for drivers that expect performance at every turn with a high-speed rating. This tire supports acceleration on a straightaway and curves with delicacy. Drive hard with a tire that matches your speed.

Performance Meets Serenity

Long-distance trips should be peaceful, and the DM-V2 SUV Tire provides that. Due to its sophisticated architecture that reduces road noise and vibrations, it makes mundane trips peaceful. Enjoy a tranquil journey without the road noise and cherish every second of your trip.

A Greener Future

Beyond its impressive performance, the Bridgestone DM-V2 SUV Tire promotes sustainability. Its compound boosts fuel efficiency and lowers your car’s carbon footprint. Bridgestone prioritizes sustainable driving without sacrificing performance with its eco-friendly strategy.

Your Excellence Journey Ends Here

In conclusion, the Bridgestone DM-V2 SUV Tire represents high-performance all-season tire innovation and perfection. Its innovative tread design revolutionizes traction, while its stability and handling put you in control. With its tranquil ride and eco-friendly innovation, this tire represents the future of driving, where performance, comfort, and sustainability blend effortlessly. The DM-V2 SUV Tire goes beyond norms to unleash your SUV or light truck’s full capability. Choose brilliance. Choose Bridgestone.

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Best Winter Tires for Suv 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Winter tires are specially designed to provide enhanced grip on cold, and icy surfaces in severe winter conditions. Winter tires typically have deeper and more widely spaced treads than all-season tires, allowing them to bite into snowy roads. Unlike all-season tires, winter tires tend to have higher levels of rubber compounds that remain soft in lower temperatures, providing extra grip on the road.

When it comes to safety and performance during the winter months, investing in a set of winter tires is always the best option. If you drive an SUV or light truck on slippery roads such as snow or ice covered terrain you’ll need a tire that provides reliable grip no matter how bad the conditions are outside.

With this guide, we will provide you with an overview of what winter tire features are available and which ones provide effective traction so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right set for your SUV needs. This guide will take into account

  • vehicle compatibility,
  • driving conditions and
  • weather expected for 2023 and beyond.

Benefits of Winter Tires

Best Winter Tires For Suv

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Winter tires are specifically designed for colder temperatures and icy/slick conditions. They provide drivers with improved grip and braking, traction on snow and ice, and better cornering performance, which is especially important when roads become slick from snow or rain.

In addition to their enhanced grip, winter tires also have a longer tread life due to their unique construction (in comparison to standard summer tires). Furthermore, they assist drivers in maintaining better handling when navigating deceptive terrain such as snow-packed roads where regular tires struggle for traction.

Factors to Consider When Buying Winter Tires

When it comes to choosing the right winter tires for your SUV, it is important to consider several factors. While all-season and ice tires are designed to help your vehicle handle changing conditions throughout the year, winter tires or snow tires are specifically designed for improved traction in cold temperatures, wet surfaces and deep snow.

Additional features of winter tires include:

  • Tread depth: Tread depth should be significantly deeper than on regular all-season or summer tires. The deeper tread depth helps provide additional traction in slippery conditions and provides a larger area for snow and mud particles to collect, further helping enhance grip on snowy and icy surfaces.
  • Weather compounds: Most winter tire models today feature special rubber compounds that remain supple even at colder temperatures compared to standard all-season rubber compounds. This helps improve grip on icy surfaces as well as enable braking at lower temperatures without compromising the overall integrity of the tire structure.
  • Tire studs: Winter tire models can also be fitted with metal studs that further help improve traction in icy conditions. These studs should be regularly rotated, however, as they can cause excessive wear in warmer weather with hard surfaces such as concrete pavement.

Forested terrain, steep inclines near your home or longer trips may also need more robust off-road tread designs for better grip on mud and rocks when compared to highway terrain winter condition scenarios where you may opt for a more aggressive design that provides better level of stability without compromising performance too much in shallow snowdrifts or climbs with deep ruts where off road capabilities come into play most significantly during the season when combinations of both rain, snow and deep ruts usually challenging drivers most confidence wise just before safe winter termination mark has been passed post which lying layers of deep packed snow ease up off road nature of vehicle movements towards spring thaw starts kicking.

Types of Winter Tires

Best Winter Tires For Suv

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Winter tires come in many different types and sizes, with various compounds and tread patterns that are designed to provide better traction, stability, and control in cold weather. Depending on your vehicle type and the terrain you plan to drive on, different types of winter tires may be better suited for your needs.

  • All-Season Tires: All-season tires are designed to give drivers good performance in all seasons and weather conditions. They typically don’t perform as well as winter tires in extreme cold temperatures but still provide adequate traction for most driving environments.
  • All-Weather Tires: All-weather tires blend the features of all-season tires and winter tires, giving drivers a balance of features from both types of tire. These types of tire can be used year round and perform better than all-season tires in colder temperatures but have limited traction on deep snow or icy roads.
  • Mud & Snow (M&S) Winter Tires: M&S winter tires are commonly referred to as “all terrain” or “all season” and feature a specialized tread pattern with enhanced designs that help increase traction on dirt roads or snowy surfaces. Their tread is noticeably thicker than standard all season tires, providing more grip while still maintaining good dry road handling performance.
  • Studded Winter Tires: Studded winter tires feature metal studs embedded into the regular tire rubber compound to help with added grip on snow covered roads or ice patches. They are generally used where winters are colder with heavier snowfall accumulation such as areas that experience blizzards or ice storms regularly throughout the season.
  • Performance Winter Tires: Performance winter tires provide a combination of good dry road handling qualities along with great wet grip performance in both light rain and light snow accumulations. They often feature features such as grooved tread blocks for extra grip when turning in wet conditions along with increased rubber compounds to provide better grip on icy surfaces compared to standard all season performance tires.

Best Winter Tires for SUV 2023

Purchasing the right tires for your SUV is important in keeping you and your passengers safe during winter weather conditions. Whether you’re driving in snow, mud or ice, it’s essential to have properly rated winter tires that are designed for the climate and terrain of your region.

At a minimum, winter tires should be the minimum size recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, but it’s better to go bigger. Heavier loads are best handled by wider tires with more tread depth. A deeper tread will also give better grip in slippery conditions and reduce hydroplaning on wet roads. The tread pattern of a winter tire should be designed specifically for snow/ice; this will give you extra traction and a quieter ride when driving in adverse weather conditions.

Certain winter-tire designs offer additional features such as directional tread patterns that help move water away from the tire allowing it to remain in contact with the surface longer – resulting in improved handling on icy roads. Winter tires also usually feature sipes which are tiny slits cut into the rubber giving them increased biting edges which improve traction on cold surfaces such as ice or packed snow; they also provide better stopping distance when braking on slippery surfaces. Additionally, some tire manufacturers use technology such as 3D sipes which helps with flexibility at lower temperatures; this gives improved comfort while driving on icy roads.

When purchasing a set of winter tires remember to check manufacturer ratings, available sizes and tread design for optimal performance – You can find plenty of information online about different makes and models so you can make an informed decision when selecting the best set for your SUV.

How to Install Winter Tires

Installing winter tires is an important part of preparing for cold weather and snowy roads. Winter tires feature a special rubber compound that remains flexible in cold temperatures, allowing them to provide better grip on colder and icy surfaces. They also feature tread patterns with deeper grooves for improved traction in snow and slush.

If your car or SUV is equipped with all-season or summer tires, installing winter tires will help ensure that you have better control over your vehicle even on slippery surfaces. To install winter tires, follow the steps below:

  1. Determine whether you will need hubcaps or wheel nuts to mount the new winter tires to your vehicle’s wheels; if unsure, consult manufacturer instructions.
  2. Jack up your vehicle according to manufacturer instructions, then remove the existing wheels; this should make it easier to mount the new winter tires properly.
  3. Check that both tire sidewalls match the recommended pressure range as indicated by the tire’s DOT label (usually located on the back half of one side).
  4. Borrow a mounted tire machine from a tire shop; such equipment has levers designed to pop off old wheels for mounting new ones safely and easily.
  5. With old wheel removed, attach new wheel so it securely fits onto rim of studs or lug bolts; if necessary place a washer onto each stud prior to attaching wheel–make sure washers are compatible with both the car’s stem nuts and lug valve’s hex head first before placing on each stud! Use torque wrench set appropriately (20-25 lb-ft) after all other components have been assembled properly for secure fitment!
  6. After fitting winter tire to rim, insert valve stem as required by retrieving spare from box provided/supplied by either car dealership/tire shop (lug bolts). If unsure–ask dealer technician/service advisor how this works in order for proper installation procedure(s) before continuing!
  7. Once fitted securely use air compressor pump air into each tire at recommended pressure until all four are installed accordingly where possible – note: should check manufacturer instructions first if unsure due any variations existing between models!
  8. Finally inspect rims and tyres once fully mounted ensuring any sharp edges/objects causing potential damage are avoided/removed where applicable before using/driving as safety standards must always be met – including correct alignment specifications etc…

Maintenance Tips for Winter Tires

Although winter tires are designed to perform at their best in cold temperatures and snowy conditions, they still require some attention and maintenance in order to ensure they maintain peak performance. To extend the life of your winter tires, be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Check the Tire Pressure: Cold temperatures cause air pressure to drop. Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly—at least once a month—as waning air pressure can lead to decreased fuel efficiency as well as shorter tire life.
  2. Monitor Tire Tread Depth: Properly inflated and properly built winter tires can last up to three seasons with proper maintenance and care. Make sure you check the tread depth with a tread depth gauge. You should replace your tires if the tread depths falls below 4/32 of an inch in order for them remain safe and effective on the roads.
  3. Rotate Your Tires: Rotating your tires will help them wear evenly which prolongs their lifespan. The ideal rotation for all-season and winter tires is a ‘forward cross’ which means switching each corner from side to side rather than moving them straight back (e.g., from one side of the car to its other).
  4. Refresh Their Biting Edges by Studding: If you live in an area with heavy or frequent snowfall, it can be helpful stud your winter tires in order maintain maximum grip when driving on snow or ice-covered surfaces. Be aware however of local regulations that designate specific times when studded tires are allowed (usually before and late fall/early spring).

Following these tips will ensure that you get maximum performance out of your winter tires throughout the season!


When choosing tires specifically for an SUV, you need to consider several important factors. It is essential to review the grip, durability, and longevity of your tires before making a decision. You should also take into account your budget, as well as the type of terrain you will be driving on.

Choosing the best winter tires for your SUV can be quite a task. With this guide and its comprehensive list, we hope it has been made easier for you! All of the criteria discussed above should help you to make an informed decision. Don’t forget – safety should always be a top priority while selecting tires, no matter what time of year it is or what season they are meant for!


How do I choose winter tires for my SUV?

To choose winter tires for your SUV, consider the type of driving you will be doing, the weather conditions in your area, and the specific needs of your vehicle. Look for tires with a high rating for snow and ice performance, and make sure they are rated for use on SUVs or light trucks.

What brand of tire is best for SUV?

There are many brands of tires that are suitable for SUVs, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular brands for SUVs include Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, and Pirelli.

What is the longest lasting winter tire?

The longest lasting winter tire will vary depending on many factors such as the type of vehicle, driving conditions, and how often the tire is rotated and maintained. However, generally speaking, tires that are higher-priced and have better quality tend to last longer.

What is the best winter tire for SUV in Canada?

The best winter tire for SUVs in Canada will depend on the specific driving conditions in your area. Some popular options include the Bridgestone DM-V2, the Michelin X-Ice Snow, and the General Altimax Arctic.

Do you need all 4 winter tires?

Yes, it is recommended to have all four winter tires on your vehicle for optimal safety and performance in snowy and icy conditions.

Are winter tires worth it on SUV?

Winter tires can be worth it for SUVs if you frequently drive in snowy and icy conditions. They can provide better traction and handling in these conditions than all-season tires.

Which tires are better than Michelin?

Some other brands of tires that are considered to be of high quality and have good performance include Goodyear, Continental, and Pirelli.

Is Bridgestone better than Michelin?

Both Michelin and Bridgestone are well-respected tire brands with a history of producing high-quality tires. It is difficult to say which one is better overall, as it will depend on the specific tire model and the needs of your vehicle.

Which brand of tires last the longest?

The longest-lasting tire brand can vary depending on the specific tire model and how well it is maintained. Some brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, and Continental are known for producing tires that last longer.

What brand of tires are best for winter?

Some of the best brands of tires for winter include Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental and Pirelli. These brands offer a wide range of winter tires that are designed to provide excellent traction and handling in snowy and icy conditions.

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