Best Tires For Tesla Model 3 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Tesla Model 3 owners looking to get the most out of their ride. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just getting your first set of wheels, we’ve got you covered. As experts in the automotive industry, we can provide advice on what tire is best for your Tesla Model 3. Read on to find out the perfect match for your car and ensure an optimal driving experience.

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3 2023

  1. Pirelli P 225/60R18 Tire (Editor’s Pick)
  2. MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V Tire (Best Overall)
  3. MICHELIN 205/55R16/XL 94H Tire (Budget Friendly)
  4. 245/40ZR18 97Y XL GOODYEAR
  5. MICHELIN 235/45R18 94V Tire
  6. Pirelli 205/45R17XL 88V Tire 
  7. Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V Tire

1) Pirelli P 225/60R18 Tire

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3

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The Pirelli P 225/60R18 tyre is well-balanced for a confident drive in any weather. This 225-millimeter tyre aggressively demands its spot on the road, ensuring grip and stability. The 60 aspect ratio helps the tyre absorb road irregularities and undulations for a comfortable ride. The 18-inch rim size blends aesthetics and compatibility for many automobiles.

Strong and Smart: Load Capacity and Ratings

With a load index of 100, the Pirelli P 225/60R18 tyre is strong as well as attractive and ergonomic. This means it can support 1,764 pounds without buckling. The tyre has a speed rating of W, allowing it to achieve 168 mph while preserving performance and safety.


The Durability Science

The Pirelli P 225/60R18 tire’s durability comes from careful engineering and innovation. With a tread depth of 10 32nds, this tyre will last long. Its 29-inch diameter makes it durable enough for smooth highways and difficult terrain.


Performance and Comfort Harmony

When buying new car tyres, many factors must be considered. Size is a key aspect in performance and compatibility. The Pirelli P 225/60R18 tyre is a tyre selection star due to its dynamic year-round design and excellent manufacturing.


The Pirelli P 225/60R18 tyre promises excellent traction and stability with a 225-millimeter width. The 60 aspect ratio absorbs road disturbances to provide you a comfortable driving experience. The 18-inch rim size, used on many automobiles, makes replacements easy.


The Confidence Road

The Pirelli P 225/60R18 tyre goes beyond its outstanding size. Its load index of 100 shows its strength, supporting 1,764 pounds. W indicates the tire’s capacity to reach 168 mph without sacrificing safety or efficiency.


Journey of Endurance

The Pirelli P 225/60R18 tyre explains its durability science. The 10 32nds tread depth protects against road hazards and prolongs life. It can handle a variety of driving situations because to its 29-inch diameter, making it a trusted partner for every trip.


Finally, the Pirelli P 225/60R18 tyre is a technical masterpiece. Its dimensions balance performance and comfort, and its load capacity and ratings give you road confidence. The tire’s durability is a product of careful manufacture. The Pirelli P 225/60R18 tyre combines performance, comfort, and dependability for an unmatched driving experience.

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Pirelli P 225/60R18 Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. With its year-round design, the Pirelli P 225/60R18 tire is a great option for drivers who want a reliable and versatile tire that can handle different seasons and road conditions.
  2. The tire’s wide section width and comfortable aspect ratio provide excellent traction and stability, making it a safe and comfortable option for daily driving.
  3. The Pirelli P 225/60R18 tire’s load index and speed rating make it a great choice for drivers who need a high-capacity tire that can handle heavy loads and fast speeds.
  4. With a tread depth of 10 32nds and a diameter of 29 inches, the Pirelli P 225/60R18 tire is a durable and long-lasting option that can provide reliable performance for many miles.
  5. The tire’s construction as a radial tire, combined with a UTQG rating of 500AA, ensures excellent handling and traction on a variety of road surfaces.



Brand Pirelli
Seasons Year Round
Size 225/60R18
Rim Size 18 Inches
Section Width 225 Millimeters

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2) MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V Tire

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3

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The MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V tyre excels in all weather. It’s flexible for a variety of cars with its 18-inch rim size and 235 millimetre width. The 45% aspect ratio balances accurate handling and a smooth ride.

Unleash Grip, Control, and Safety

The MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V is the best tyre for discriminating drivers. This tyre can handle big loads with stability and performance thanks to its 98V load capacity.

Tyre performance goes beyond capacity and grip. MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V tyres provide unmatched grip on dry and wet roads, allowing drivers to manoeuvre securely. This amount of traction improves safety, which every motorist values.

Ultimate Tyre Buying Guide

Buying a new tyre is important. Not just replacing a worn-out part, but improving your vehicle’s performance, safety, and driving pleasure. Tyre size dominates the many considerations. The MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V is a top choice for year-round premium tyres.

Excellence-tailored dimensions

In detail, the MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V tyre has optimal dimensions. This 26.3 x 9.3 x 26.3-inch tyre with an 18-inch diameter is carefully designed to fit a variety of vehicles. 235 millimetre section width and 45 aspect ratio provide a solid, pleasant ride in diverse driving circumstances.

Controlling Load

MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V tyres are known for their load capability. This tyre can take 1653 pounds and a load index of 98 without affecting stability or performance. This tyre handles big loads.

Walk Design and Depth

The tread depth and design of the MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V tyre reveal its remarkable performance. This tyre provides unmatched traction and handling in wet and dry situations with a 10 32nd tread depth and directed tread pattern. It’s more than a tire—it’s engineering accuracy and driving safety.

Finally, the MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V tyre offers unmatched performance, safety, and versatility. This tyre is carefully and innovatively made to provide drivers with a safe and enjoyable ride. This tyre is your reliable partner on rainy or dry routes.

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MICHELIN 235/45R18/XL 98V Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. With a load capacity of 1653 pounds, this tire is capable of handling heavy loads without sacrificing stability or performance.
  2. The Michelin 235/45R18/XL 98V tire has a tread depth of 10 32nds, ensuring excellent traction and handling in wet and dry conditions.
  3. The directional tread design of this tire provides additional stability and handling, making it a great choice for drivers who want a high-quality tire that can be used year-round.
  4. With an unexpected quiet rating of V and a UTQG rating of 640BA, this tire provides a smooth and quiet ride.
  5. The Michelin 235/45R18/XL 98V tire is designed to fit a variety of vehicles, making it a versatile choice for drivers who want a reliable tire that can be used in a variety of conditions.



Seasons Year Round
Size 235/45R18/XL 98V
Rim Size 18 Inches
Section Width 235 Millimeters

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3) MICHELIN 205/55R16/XL 94H Tire

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3

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Choosing the right tyre for your vehicle requires careful consideration of dimensions to achieve a precise fit. The Michelin 205/55R16/XL 94H Tyre is a year-round favourite due to its precise measurements and specifications.

This 205-millimeter-wide tyre with a 55 aspect ratio and 16-inch rims provides the perfect mix between form and function. With a load index of 94 and a speed rating of H, it can carry 1477 pounds. The tire’s 10.5 32nd tread depth and symmetrical tread pattern ensure unsurpassed performance on various road surfaces. The 7.5-inch rim width tyre can handle 50 pounds per square inch of pressure.

King of Craftsmanship: Construction

The Michelin 205/55R16/XL 94H Tyre is a radial tyre engineering marvel. This design philosophy proves its dedication to handling, stability, and ride comfort. The result? A smoother, more controlled, and more stable driving experience. Additionally, this construction method extends the tire’s lifespan, essentially going the additional mile. As an extra bonus, Michelin’s reputation guarantees the tire’s durability.

The Best

In conclusion, the Michelin 205/55R16/XL 94H Tyre represents greatness. Its precise dimensions and specifications make it appropriate for a variety of vehicles due to its unwavering performance, outstanding longevity, and absolute safety for year-round use. Its radial structure and symmetrical tread pattern provide a comfortable, steady ride. The Michelin guarantee proves their commitment to quality.

In a world where performance, safety, and reliability are important, the Michelin 205/55R16/XL 94H Tyre represents peak tyre engineering. Why be average when you can be remarkable with Michelin?

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MICHELIN 205/55R16/XL 94H Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. Durable construction with radial design ensures long-lasting performance.
  2. Symmetrical tread provides stable handling and a comfortable ride.
  3. Precise dimensions and load capacity make it a perfect fit for many vehicles.
  4. Year-round use and optimized for performance on any road surface.
  5. Michelin’s guarantee ensures quality and reliability.



Seasons Year Round
Size 205/55R16/XL 94H
Rim Size 16 Inches

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4) 245/40ZR18 97Y XL GOODYEAR

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3

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Tread pattern determines tyre grip and stability. The Goodyear 245/40ZR18 97Y XL’s tyre pattern provides stability and traction.

Time to swap? Wear Indicator Knows

Wear indicator keeps you ahead. Like a loyal friend, it tells you when to say goodbye to your current wheels and hello to Goodyear 245/40ZR18 97Y XL tyres.

The Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate Tyre: Perfect Dimensions for Driving Excellence
Driving safety and performance start with tyre size. The 245/40ZR18 Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tyre, 25.7 x 9.8 x 25.7 inches, is a tyre engineering marvel. Its superb handling and constant steadiness provide an unforgettable voyage.

A Load Capacity That Speaks

With a load capability of 1609 pounds, the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tyre is a strong and durable tyre. On the highway or in the city, this tyre has you covered.

Outstanding Design and Performance: Goodyear 245/40ZR18 97Y XL Tyre: Commanding grip
With a tread depth of 10 32nds, the Goodyear 245/40ZR18 97Y XL tyre provides a safe, pleasant ride. Its exceptional grip on wet and dry roads keeps you in control in every driving condition.

Excellence Certified: UTQG

The Goodyear 245/40ZR18 97Y XL tire’s 500 AA A UTQG grade shows its high quality. This tyre is durable and long-lasting due to its excellent traction, treadwear, and temperature resistance.

Style Meets Speed

The Y speed rating, which allows 186 mph, makes for thrilling journeys. The elegant Goodyear 245/40ZR18 97Y XL tyre performs well and adds flair to your vehicle.

The Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate Tyre offers both comfort and performance for your journey.
Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tyres with black sidewalls perform well and ride smoothly. A lightweight powerhouse at 24 pounds, it transforms driving.

You Can Trust the Warranty

Worried about investing correctly? The Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tire’s warranty gives you peace of mind and confirms its quality and reliability.

Excellence Mile After Mile

The Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tyre is a long-term partner with a lifespan of up to 45,000 km. With top-notch performance and longevity, prepare for many adventures.


The Goodyear 245/40ZR18 97Y XL is a benchmark for high-performance tyres. Its outstanding grip and all-season versatility make it a game-changer for perfectionist drivers. Every trip with the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tyre offers the best in performance, comfort, and reliability. Choose Goodyear for greatness.

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245/40ZR18 97Y XL GOODYEAR First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tire has an excellent load capacity of 1609 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles.
  2. With a tread depth of 10 32nds and a UTQG rating of 500 AA A, this tire provides superior grip and excellent durability.
  3. The black sidewall of this tire adds a sleek and stylish look to any vehicle.
  4. Designed for use in non-winter seasons, this tire is a great option for drivers who want optimal performance during the summer months.
  5. With a lifespan of up to 45,000 miles, the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tire is a long-lasting and reliable choice for drivers.



Brand Goodyear
Size 245/40ZR18
Section Width 245 Inches
Tire Aspect Ratio 40

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5) MICHELIN 235/45R18 94V Tire

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3

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Dimensions are vital when choosing a car tyre. Among the options, the Michelin 235/45R18 94V tyre stands out. Michelin North America Inc.’s all-season luxury automobile tyre guarantees an unforgettable ride.

The Michelin 235/45R18 94V tyre can carry 1477 pounds thanks to its substantial section width of 235 millimetres and aspect ratio of 45. Asymmetrical tread helps this radial tyre handle precision, improving your driving pleasure. This tyre easily handles year-round use with a maximum pressure threshold of 44 pounds per square inch.


Michelin 235/45R18 94V Tyre Silence

Michelin 235/45R18 94V tyres’ quiet tread design makes driving peaceful. The careful architecture of this tyre reduces noise, making your ride smooth and enjoyable. Its UTQG rating of 540AA indicates a long tread life, proving its durability. This makes vehicle owners wisely choose between performance and longevity in an affordable package.

Finally, the Michelin 235/45R18 94V tyre represents sophistication and perfection. This tire’s versatility, load-bearing capacity, and quiet elegance will turn your drives into a luxury trip. Step into a world of performance, comfort and driving pleasure with the Michelin 235/45R18 94V tyre.

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MICHELIN 235/45R18 94V Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Michelin 235/45R18 94V tire has a load capacity of 1477 pounds, making it suitable for larger vehicles.
  2. Its asymmetrical tread type contributes to its premium precision handling performance, ensuring a smooth driving experience.
  3. The tire’s quiet tread design produces minimal noise, contributing to a more comfortable driving experience.
  4. With a UTQG rating of 540AA, the tire has a longer tread life, making it a cost-effective choice for car owners.
  5. Its year-round suitability and ultimate luxury tour experience specifications make it a versatile and reliable choice for drivers.



Seasons Year Round
Size 235/45R18 94V
Rim Size 18 Inches
Section Width 235 Millimeters

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6) Pirelli 205/45R17XL 88V Tire

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3

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XL-rated tyres are designed for high-performance automobiles. The reinforced structure lets it carry bigger weights without compromising safety or stability, making it ideal for high-performance travels.


3. Mastering Traction and Control

The tread pattern of this tyre is optimised for grip on wet and dry roads. This keeps you in charge even in bad weather, making driving safer and more confident.


4. Loading Confidently

With a load index of 88, the Pirelli 205/45R17XL 88V tyre can support 704 kg. This load-bearing capability and strengthened structure make it reliable in various driving circumstances.


5. Wear monitoring for longevity

An intelligent wear indicator helps track tyre wear in this tyre. Thus, it prolongs tyre life and assures regular maintenance.


Pirelli: Excellence Legacy

Pirelli is a titan in the tyre sector. The Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 205/45R17XL 88V tyre excels in cold and snowy conditions. This vehicle is designed to improve your winter driving experience while maintaining safety and comfort.


Unmatched Fit and Size

The appropriate tyre dimensions are essential for a perfect fit. The Pirelli 205/45R17XL 88V tyre fits many cars due to its 25 x 25 x 9-inch dimensions. Despite being lightweight at 23.9 pounds, it improves vehicle agility and responsiveness, improving driving dynamics.


Innovative Technologies: Enhancing Your Ride

1. Silence is Golden

Pirelli’s Noise Cancelling reduces road noise to a whisper, improving comfort. This invention calms the interior, letting you enjoy driving without interruptions.


2. Handling Adversity

The Pirelli 205/45R17XL 88V tire’s 3D sipe technology improves braking on snowy and wet situations. This technology improves safety by ensuring your car responds quickly and effectively to your commands in all weather.


3. Unwavering Winter Grip

This tyre shows Pirelli’s safety commitment with a specific compound. The strong winter grip ensures you keep control on icy roads, giving you the confidence to negotiate winter landscapes.


Conclusion: Pirelli 205/45R17XL 88V Tyre Enhances Driving.

In conclusion, the Pirelli 205/45R17XL 88V tire’s well-designed design combines innovation, performance, and safety. This tyre excels in grip, load-bearing capability, and winter performance. Pirelli 205/45R17XL 88V tyres offer unrivalled performance and safety in every season, elevating your driving experience and taking control.

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Pirelli 205/45R17XL 88V Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. Exceptional comfort due to Pirelli’s Noise Canceling technology
  2. 3D sipe technology enhances braking performance on snowy and wet roads
  3. Special compound provides high winter grip
  4. Suitable for a variety of vehicles with different dimensions
  5. Lightweight, making it easy to handle and install



Brand Pirelli
Seasons Winter
Size 205/55R16
Rim Size 16 Inches

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7) Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V Tire

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3

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A wear indicator is built into the Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V tyre for safety. This clever addition alerts you when to replace the tyre. Its warning can help you stay safe on the road and extend your driving excursions.

Unmatched specs for uncompromising performance

Fit and Form: Size Matters
Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V tyres are essential for proper tyre selection. The 205mm width and 60 aspect ratio of this tyre fit a 16″ rim. These precise measurements optimise looks and functionality by aligning your vehicle perfectly.

Strong load capacity and speed

Travel confidently with the Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V tyre, which can carry 615 kg. Its “V” speed classification, denoting a top speed of 149 mph, gives you exhilarating power and control on the open road. This powerful mix lets you enjoy driving knowing your tyre can too.

Designed to Motivate

Innovative Radial Technology for a Smooth Ride
Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V tyres use unique radial technology to give you a new driving experience. The latest technology ensures a smooth and stable ride, making even the most monotonous commutes enjoyable.

Highest Load Capacity for Flexibility

The Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V tire’s load capability opens up new possibilities. This tyre is suited for heavier cars and haulers due to its 3062.2-pound rating. Let go of constraints and confidently explore.

Ideal Tread Depth and Precision Handling

The 12 32nd tread depth of the Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V tyre lets you handle curves with ease. This perfect depth provides excellent grip and handling, letting you conquer every road with confidence. Drive your car to its maximum potential and confront the road ahead with confidence.


The Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V tyre is a clever combination of versatility, safety, and performance that will enhance your driving experience. Bridgestone’s dedication to quality is shown in this tire’s stable tread pattern, integrated wear indicator, and high load capacity. Start your adventures with confidence and genuine driving experience.

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Bridgestone 205/60RF16 92 V Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Tire Rack

  1. Excellent load capacity of 3062.2 pounds, making it ideal for larger vehicles or those used for hauling or towing.
  2. Year-round tire suitable for use in all seasons.
  3. Comes with up to 60,000 mile limited mileage warranty.
  4. Radial construction ensures a smooth and stable ride.
  5. Asymmetrical tread type provides confident handling and a quiet ride.



Brand Bridgestone
Seasons Year Round
Size 205/60RF16
Rim Size 16 Inches
Section Width 205 Millimeters

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Best Tires For Tesla Model 3 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Tesla Model 3 is a popular electric vehicle (EV) produced by Tesla Motors. This stylish sedan is capable of providing an unbeatable combination of performance, comfort and convenience. The 2023 Tesla Model 3 comes with the latest technology, including Autopilot for enhanced driving experience. It has a range of up to 310 miles, making it the perfect choice for long trips.

When buying tires for your 2021 Tesla Model 3, it’s important to consider the type of terrain you will be driving on and any special features that your selected tires offer. Additionally, you should keep in mind the proper tire size and speed rating as well as load ratings for maximum performance.

In this guide we will look at all these areas to ensure that you find the best tires for your Tesla Model 3 2023:

  • Type of terrain
  • Special features
  • Tire size and speed rating
  • Load ratings

Tire Types and Specifications

Tesla Model 3 tires are available in a variety of types and sizes to provide drivers with an optimal ride. Before buying new tires for your Tesla Model 3, it is important to understand the different types of tire models and specifications that are available.

  • Tire Type: The type of tire you buy will depend on the type of terrain you most often drive over, such as highways, city streets, light off-road, or heavy off-road use. Some of the common types include all-terrain tires (A/T), all-season tires (A/S), performance tires (P), and off-road tires (M/T).
  • Tire size: Tire size is indicated by a code on the sidewall of each tire and determines how tall it is and how wide it is. It also informs drivers what size wheel they will be able to use. A complete set of four compatible full tire size usually shows up with three numeric digits followed by a P letter such as 255/50R19 110V P; this indicates that the tire width is 255 millimeters, the profile aspect ratio( sidewall height relative to width) is 50 percent ,the wheel size 19 inches ,load capacity 110 kilograms per speed index V(240kilometers per hour )and type P for performance.
  • Tire Load Index: This number indicates how much weight each can safely support when inflated properly. It ranges from 69 or 70 for lighter cars to 126 or higher for heavier SUVs.
  • Speed Index: This measures how fast a tire can safely travel when fully loaded with people and cargo based on international standards set by The Tire Industry Association (TIA). Speed ratings range from L at 75 mph to Y at 300 mph – only certain sports cars require speeds greater than 300 miles per hour; be sure not to exceed the speed rating stamped on your tire sidewalls!

Benefits of Using the Right Tires

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3

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Using the right type of tires for your Tesla Model 3 will not only provide a better performance, but also ensure a longer life and improved safety. When it comes to selecting tires, it is important to understand the benefits of buying the right tires for your Tesla Model 3, as each type of tire has its own unique characteristics.

The benefits of selecting the ideal tire for your car include:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved traction on all types of roads
  • Superior handling and cornering stability
  • Superior braking capabilities in wet or icy conditions
  • An increased level of comfort during rides
  • Using specific tires may be mandated by law in certain areas depending on vehicle size and performance.

While most all-season tires provide an adequate level of performance overall, special emphasis should be given to winter treads if driving in areas that receive frequent snowfall or icy conditions.

For those in warmer climates who wish to maximize performance gains from their Tesla Model 3 vehicle upgrade can consider buying summer tire options which tend to focus more emphasis on grip than other tire types due to lack of snow or ice present on the roads year round. This can translate into improved cornering and braking capabilities with reduced risk for damage at higher speeds. Although these treads are designed more with high-end luxury cars in mind they may still prove beneficial depending upon local driving conditions.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tires

Best Tires For Tesla Model 3

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When it comes to buying tires for a Tesla Model 3 2023, there are several important factors to consider, depending on your driving needs.

  • First, you need to choose between a summer and all-season tire. Summer tires offer increased performance but are not suitable for winter conditions. Meanwhile, all-season tires are capable of handling a variety of weather conditions but do not perform as well on dry roads.
  • In addition to choosing a tire type, you’ll also want to consider the tire’s size and load rating in relation to the car’s needs and intended use.
  • You should also look at how different brands rate for factors such as grip and noise level before making your selection.
  • And lastly, it is important that the chosen tires will fit properly on your Tesla Model 3 2023 wheels and handle the weight of your car appropriately.

Best All-Season Tires for Tesla Model 3 2023

Regardless of the model of Tesla you own, your car requires excellent-performing tires both on dry and wet roads as well as in cold climates. All-season tires provide a great combination of performance, durability and value for money that makes them an ideal choice for the everyday driver. Below is a guide to some of the best all-season tires for Tesla Model 3 vehicles manufactured in 2023.

Saving your money and getting the most out of your vehicle means making sure you pick out excellent tires that offer smooth, balanced performance year round under varying road and weather conditions. Consider features such as progressive tread wear, quiet operation and superb traction when evaluating a tire for purchase.

  • Goodyear Assurance TripleMax2: This tire offers outstanding wet traction due to its cutting-edge tread pattern design which helps maintain stability on rainy and snowy days, reducing hydroplaning potential. Its advanced all-season capability with Dry Trac Z pattern ensures maximum control in all directions while maintaining an exceptionally quiet ride.
  • Continental VikingContact 7: The Continental VikingContact 7 offers excellent ride comfort along with improved road feedback due to its “stud free” ice grip technology which provides reliable winter time performance while minimizing noise levels. The tire also offers boosted handling capabilities with reduced risk of aquaplaning thanks to its small and clean lateral grooves which help funnel away water quickly from the tire contact zones.
  • Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5: Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tires can handle nearly any climate or weather condition with ease thanks to their unique asymmetric tread pattern design providing exceptional braking power in both wet & dry conditions as well as maximum control resulting from defined shoulder blocks. The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 also provides incredible balance between ride quality, low noise levels, long lasting tread life and enhanced fuel efficiency making it yet another great option for a Tesla Model 3 vehicle in 2023.

Best High-Performance Tires for Tesla Model 3 2023

For drivers who want top-notch performance and safety, high-performance tires offer superior grip, precision steering, and responsive handling. When selecting a high-performance tire for your Tesla Model 3 2023, be sure to consider the terrain you’ll be driving in and the weather conditions you expect to encounter. Here are five of the best high-performance tires for your Tesla Model 3 2023:

  1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S: The Pilot Sport 4S has a unique tread pattern that provides improved cornering on wet or dry surfaces. It also delivers superior traction on snow and ice with its specialized winter rubber compound.
  2. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All Season: This all-season tire offers reliable performance in both wet and dry conditions, making it ideal for year-round driving scenarios. Its asymmetric tread design also provides improved cornering control on curvy roads or during sudden braking or accelerating maneuvers.
  3. Continental ContiSportContact 5P: With a noise reducing Active Chassis Technology feature, improved wet road grip, and maximum levels of sports performance handling; this is one of the best performing tires in Continental’s lineup for the new generation of Tesla vehicles.
  4. Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season Plus Radial Tire: Combining superior dry/wet traction in all weather conditions with brake responsiveness; this premium all season plus radial tire is perfect for drivers who want reliable performance all year long without sacrificing speed or style.
  5. BFGoodrich KDW Radial Tire: The BFGoodrich KDW Radial Tire has a race inspired tread pattern designed specifically for maximum cornering grip at speed and quick acceleration out of tight turns with its Variable Incline Groove Design(VIGD). It’s also Redline Compound formulated to reduce heat build up which translates into better braking distances and longer ride enjoyment even during extreme driving conditions like drifting corners or high speed runs on winding roads.

Best Winter Tires for Tesla Model 3 2023

Driving in severe winter conditions requires specialized tires to give you a safe ride. When looking for the best winter tires for your Tesla Model 3 2023, you should consider the type of terrain you’ll be driving on, as well as the conditions you’ll be driving in.

The best winter tire options for Tesla Model 3 2023 are:

  1. Continental WinterContact SI – The Continental WinterContact SI provides excellent traction on dry and wet roads. Its directional tread pattern helps to reduce braking distances on slick roads, even in cold weather and snow.
  2. Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 – The Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 is a great all-season tire that offers good performance in cold climates and damp conditions. It provides excellent traction and handling even in light or heavy snowfall or ice buildup. It’s also an affordable option for drivers looking for a dependable all-season tire with an extra layer of safety during extreme weather conditions.
  3. Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 – The Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 is designed specifically for severe winter conditions like freezing rain, packed snow, and ice patches on slippery roads. Its directional tread pattern helps to reduce stopping distances while its optimized rubber compound ensures good grip even at temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C). It’s also capable of handling slushy snow and standing water with ease.

So when choosing the best tires for your Tesla Model 3 2023 this winter, consider the type of terrain you’ll be navigating, as well as the temperature range you’ll be driving in – allowing you to choose a set that will provide optimal performance throughout your journey this season!


The best tires for Tesla Model 3 2023 depend on a variety of factors such as road conditions, climate, budget, and personal preferences. When choosing a tire for your Model 3, you should do your research and consider all relevant factors before making a decision.

Layouts tires offer a great combination of performance and cost-effectiveness when used on Tesla Model 3 2023. They are also built to be durable and able to handle various road conditions without compromising safety or performance. On the other hand, all-weather tires may have the advantage when it comes to dealing with rain and snow but may compromise overall traction.

Finally, considering winter tires is always an option as they provide superior grip when driving in icy or snowy climates. However, these tire sets tend to be more expensive than other options so you’ll want to ensure they’re compatible with your vehicle before making the purchase.

In short, there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to selecting the right tires for your Tesla Model 3 2023. For this reason, researching each type of tire in terms of traction capabilities, durability ratings and warranty guarantees can help you decide which option best suits your needs/budget so that you can enjoy stress-free driving on any terrain!


What brand of tires are best for Teslas?

The recommended tire brand for Teslas is Michelin, with the Model 3 coming with Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires.

What brand of tires come on a Tesla Model 3?

Some other brands that are compatible with Tesla vehicles include Continental, Pirelli, and Bridgestone.

What kind of tires come on a 2022 Tesla Model 3 long range?

Some popular tire options for Tesla Model 3 include the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Continental ProContact TX, and Pirelli Cinturato P7.

What is the best 19 tire for Tesla Model 3?

Teslas do not require special tires, however, it’s important to use tires that are compatible with the vehicle’s weight and performance.

Do Teslas need special tyres?

The best all-season tire for Tesla Model 3 would be the Michelin Defender LTX.

What are the best tires for Tesla Model 3 range?

Tesla vehicles include Continental, Pirelli, and Bridgestone.

Can you put cheap tires on a Tesla?

It’s not recommended to use cheap tires on a Tesla as they may not be able to provide the necessary performance and safety.


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