Best Tires For Snow Plowing 2023

There’s nothing like the thrill of removing snow from the driveway after a big winter storm, especially with the right set of tires. But with so many different kinds of tires on the market, which ones are best for snow plowing?

Here in our complete buying guide for snow plowing in 2023, we’ll help you figure out which tires will get your job done and keep you safe while doing it. So let’s get plowing!

Best Tires For Snow Plowing 2023

  1. Thunderer M/T R408 Tire(Editor’s Pick) 
  2. Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tire(Best Overall)
  3. Yokohama -35X12.50R20 Tire(Budget Friendly)
  4. Nitto  265/50R20 111S XL Tires
  5. Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tire
  6. Mickey Thompson ATZP3  Tire 

1) Thunderer M/T R408 Tire

Best Tires For Snow Plowing

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The Thunderer M/T R408 excels in traction in many terrains. This precision-crafted tyre thrives in demanding off-road settings, making it a favourite for adventurers. The Thunderer M/T R408 outperforms its competitors in mud, damp, and slippery conditions.

Resistance to Hydroplaning

Thunderer M/T R408 prioritises safety. Its innovative design prevents hydroplaning and grips wet roads. This proactive approach to wet-road safety decreases accidents, giving you peace of mind even in bad weather.

Unlimited Performance in Any Weather

The Thunderer M/T R408 tyre excels year-round. Thunderer’s adaptable tyre is perfect for drivers who want a reliable friend for all weather. Its sturdy structure ensures optimal performance in every weather.

Dimensions that Matter

Selecting the right tyre for your vehicle depends on dimensions. The Thunderer M/T R408 considers this and meets driver needs. With a 3415-pound load capacity, this tyre handles road demands well. Its 265/75R16 size, 16-inch rim, 265-millimeter section width, and 75 tyre aspect ratio fit many automobiles.

Designed for Off-Road Success

The aggressive tread pattern of the Thunderer M/T R408 makes it the best off-road. A strong 10-ply structure makes this tyre durable for off-road exploration. Its outstanding dimensions—31.89 x 10.51 x 31.89 inches, 31.89-inch item diameter, and 22.6-pound item weight—enhance its reliability and performance.

Thrive Under Pressure

The Thunderer M/T R408’s load index rating of 123 means it can easily carry 3415 pounds. With a Q speed rating, this tyre can manage speeds up to 100 mph, demonstrating its road performance. Its 12 32nds tread depth provides excellent grip on dry and wet roads, and its radial structure provides a comfortable and stable ride.

Finally, the Thunderer M/T R408 tyre redefines off-roading. With its superior traction, hydroplaning resistance, and all-weather performance, this tyre leads the pack in flexible and reliable driving companions. Thunderer M/T R408 tyres combine great handling, traction, and safety in tough driving situations. Exceed expectations and have exciting driving trips with a tyre.

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Thunderer M/T R408 Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Thunderer M/T R408 tire is suitable for year-round use, making it a versatile option for drivers.
  2. The tire’s load index rating of 123 and load capacity of 3415 pounds make it a reliable option for drivers who need to carry heavy loads.
  3. The aggressive tread design of the tire ensures excellent traction on off-road adventures.
  4. The tire’s 10-ply construction makes it durable and able to withstand the rigors of off-road driving.
  5. The tire’s radial construction provides stability and comfort while driving.



Brand Thunderer
Seasons Year Round
Size 265/75R16
Rim Size 16 Inches
Section Width 265 Millimeters

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2) Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tire

Best Tires For Snow Plowing

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The Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tyre handles heavy loads well. It gives SUVs and light-duty vehicles the cargo capacity drivers need. This tyre eliminates compromises and offers a smooth ride regardless of cargo.

Rugged Packaging: Unmatched Convenience

Strong packaging makes the Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tyre easy to handle and transport. With durable packaging, convenience is at your fingertips. Minimising unpacking hassle lets you focus on driving.

Supreme Grip on Every Terrain

The Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tyre excels on varied terrain. It’s a constant friend on peaceful highways and difficult terrain. Unwavering grip and stability give confidence in every turn.

All-Season Tyre

This versatile tyre excels in rainy and dry situations. The Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tyre performs well on rainy or sunny conditions. A comfortable ride is ensured in all weather.

Customised for Your Trip

The Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tyre delivers excellence on your daily commute or a spectacular road vacation. It elevates your adventure with every round.

The Art of Tyre Selection

Understanding key aspects is vital to choose a tyre that matches your vehicle. Dimensions are crucial to a perfect fit. Consider the Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tyre, the best winter tyre.

Qualities of Excellence

The Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tire’s size determines its performance. Its section width of 255 millimetres, aspect ratio of 55, and 18-inch rim size represent precision engineering.

Redefining Capacity: Load Index 109

With a load index of 109, this tyre can easily carry 2271 pounds. It makes hauling hefty loads easy for SUVs and trucks. Even on difficult roads, dependability is key.

Speed Rating T: Velocity Meets Stability

The Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tyre gets a T speed rating for thrill-seekers and explorers. It promises a lively yet safe driving experience at 118 mph.

Traction Unmatched: 11 32nds Tread Depth

Navigation in snow and ice requires tremendous traction. The Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tire’s 11 32nd tread depth grips even the worst winter conditions. You benefit from consistent performance.

Radial Construction for Stability

Radial design gives this tyre new stability and handling standards. Each curve is an occasion to show off its prowess, ensuring an unmatched ride.

Extreme Winter Driving: Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL

Increase your winter driving experience with Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tyres. This tyre excels with big loads and snowy conditions. Ultimate load capacity, exceptional materials, and dedication to excellence define it.

The Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tyre delivers unmatched performance with every spin. Relive the thrill of driving with a well-engineered tyre. Experience the perfect winter companion and redefine your adventure.

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Michelin 255/55R18 109T XL Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. Load index rating of 109, can support up to 2271 pounds
  2. -Speed rating of T, designed for speeds of up to 118 mph
  3. -Tread depth of 11 32nds for excellent traction on snow and ice
  4. -Radial construction for optimal stability and handling
  5. -Product Dimensions of 29.02 x 29.02 x 9 inches



Seasons Winter
Size 255/055R18
Rim Size 18 Inches
Section Width 255 Millimeters
Tire Aspect Ratio 55

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3) Yokohama -35X12.50R20 Tire

Best Tires For Snow Plowing

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The sturdy Yokohama -35X12.50R20 tyre can tackle the toughest terrain. This tire’s endurance lets you handle rocky trails and uneven conditions with confidence.

Smooth Handling and Stability

This tyre gives accurate handling and constant stability for off-road excursions. Its innovative design provides a firm grip on varied surfaces, allowing you full control in challenging conditions. Escape uncertainty for a thrilling trip.


The Right Fit for Your Car

Designed for SUVs and Trucks

The appropriate tyre size is crucial for heavy-duty vehicles and SUVs. The 35X12.50R20 Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 tyre is ideal. This tyre is designed for powerful and stylish automobiles with a 20-inch rim and 12.5-inch section width.


Capabilities to carry loads

The load index of a tyre determines its weight capability. The Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 tyre supports 3197 pounds with a load index of 121. No load or equipment is too much for this tyre.


Release Power

Tread Depth and Speed

An off-road tyre must match your pace. The Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 tyre can reach 100 mph safely with a speed rating of Q. Additionally, its 21 32nd tread depth ensures maximum traction in various situations.


Built for Rugged Terrains

The 35-inch diameter and 10-ply structure make the tyre ideal for tough terrain. While preserving its structural integrity, this tyre excels in mud, gravel, and rocky terrain.


Innovation meets quality

Durability and Packaging

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 tyre has a 600AB UTQG rating, indicating excellent durability, traction, and temperature resistance. Its Japanese background, known for its precision, complements its build. The tire’s 34.7 x 34.7 x 12.6-inch packaging and 71.2-pound weight make installation and transit easy.


Model of Excellence

This tyre, model 33331, represents Yokohama’s dedication to quality. With a bolt pattern or pitch circle diameter of 20 inches, this tyre fits many cars, making it a versatile choice for discriminating drivers.


Finally, the Yokohama -35X12.50R20 tyre redefines off-road performance and potential. For quality-conscious adventurers, its design, load-bearing ability, and longevity make it a formidable option. Experience limitless performance with the Yokohama -35X12.50R20 tyre on the off-road.

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Yokohama -35X12.50R20 Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 tire is a heavy-duty tire that can support up to 3197 pounds of weight 
  2. With a speed rating of Q and a maximum pressure of 50 pounds per square inch 
  3. The 10-ply construction and UTQG rating of 600AB ensure the tire’s durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  4. The tire has a diameter of 35 inches, which enhances its stability and handling, especially on uneven surfaces.
  5. Made in Japan, the Yokohama GEOLANDAR MT G003 tire is a top-quality product that meets the highest standards of manufacturing and design.



Brand Yokohama
Size 35X12.50R20
Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 12.5 Inches
Tire Aspect Ratio 12.5

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4) Nitto  265/50R20 111S XL Tires

Best Tires For Snow Plowing

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The new Nitto 265/50R20 111S XL Tyres redefine off-road performance. These tyres were designed for the hardest terrains to deliver unmatched grip and traction on uneven surfaces. Their comfort on smooth roads and performance on rocky treks make them versatile companions for any expedition.

Extra Load-Rated for Heavy Tasks

The number 111S XL is noteworthy. The “111S” rating denotes the tire’s speed and load capacity. These tyres can manage enormous weights thanks to their load index of 111, making them ideal for heavy-duty vehicles. XL, for Extra Load, enhances their weight management without affecting performance, safety, or comfort.


SUV/truck precision craftsmanship

The Nitto 265/50R20 111S XL Tyres are perfect for SUV and truck enthusiasts that love off-roading. These tyres are the right size and tread pattern for these cars. The powerful shoulder lugs help maintain traction and stability on difficult tracks, while the integrated stone ejectors protect the tyres from debris.


Unmatched Traction and Durability

Assessing many aspects is necessary to choose the right tyres. Each element matters, from brand reputation to size and tyre type. Nitto, a renowned tyre manufacturer, always offers quality. Drivers wanting year-round performance, excluding winter, prefer their 265/50R20 111S XL tyres.


Dimensional Excellence for Best Fit

The proportions of the Nitto 265/50R20 111S XL tyres stand out. These tyres fit SUVs and lightweight trucks with a 265-millimeter section width and 20-inch rims. When choosing new tyres, correct specifications are crucial to ensure a perfect fit for your valued car.


Built to Support Heavy Loads

The load capacity of a tyre determines its overall capability. The Nitto 265/50R20 111S XL tyres can handle 2403 pounds while retaining performance and safety. This high load-bearing capacity makes them a reliable alternative for hauling drivers.


Traction-Proof Tread Design

The tread design of Nitto 265/50R20 111S XL tyres is engineering perfection. These non-directional tyres with 13.4 32nds tread depth improve your driving experience on wet and dry conditions. This adaptable tread design makes these tyres ideal for drivers that need year-round performance.


Finally, the Nitto 265/50R20 111S XL Tyres combine off-road power with on-road elegance. Their precise engineering, great load capacity, and exceptional tyre design let you to confidently handle the toughest terrain while driving comfortably on roads. The Nitto 265/50R20 111S XL Tyres enhance your driving experience with their hardness and finesse.

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Nitto  265/50R20 111S XL Tires First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Nitto 265/50R20 111S XL tires have a high load capacity of 2403 pounds, making them ideal for heavy-duty use.
  2. With a non-directional tread type and a tread depth of 13.4 32nds, these tires provide excellent traction and grip on both wet and dry roads.
  3. The size of these tires (265/50R20) is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs and light trucks.
  4. Nitto is a well-known brand in the tire industry, and the Terra Grappler G2 model is a popular choice among drivers.
  5. With a UTQG rating of 600AB, these tires offer a good balance of performance and durability.



Brand Nitto
Size 265/50R20
Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 265 Millimeters

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5) Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tire

Best Tires For Snow Plowing

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Ingenious design redefines traction in the Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tyre. Deep grooves allow this tyre to dynamically evacuate water and slush, ensuring excellent grip in tough circumstances. This tyre eliminates hydroplaning risk, letting you drive confidently.

Unmatched Grip: Tread Design Mastery

The Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tyre has a superior tread pattern. Sawtooth design maximises road contact and grip. Improved handling, stability, and control give you unmatched control over any terrain. This revolutionary tread design increases the tire’s lifespan and maintains its performance, making it ideal for long-haul trips.

Confidently Conquering Roads: Redefining Resilience

The Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tyre handles rough roads and high loads. Durability is built into this tyre, which can survive tough situations. This tyre promises unmatched reliability, whether you’re traversing difficult terrain or hauling heavy loads.

Ultimate Winter Warrior: Snow and Ice Success

Selecting the correct tyre is crucial, especially in changing seasons. Winter’s cold embrace is won by the Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tyre. With its optimised proportions, this winter tyre handles icy terrain. Its 235/65R16C size fits a 16-inch rim and has 235 millimetres of grip. The aspect ratio of 65 optimises performance, and the load index rating of 121 and speed rating of R provide safety and control.

Endurance: Unmatched Load Capacity

The Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tyre can carry up to 3197 pounds, a remarkable attribute. This robustness makes it appropriate for larger vehicles that need a heavy-load tyre. This tire’s 13 32nd tread depth and asymmetrical tread pattern provide unmatched traction on snowy and slippery surfaces, making it the perfect winter companion.

Radial Engineering Radiance

The Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tyre is an engineering marvel with radial design. Its flexible radial ply layers perpendicular to the tire’s direction of travel improve handling and stability. This tyre fits your vehicle well with a 7-inch rim width and 28-inch diameter. 28 x 9.5 x 28 inches and 43.26 pounds complete the package, showcasing perfection from every viewpoint.

The Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tyre epitomises performance and durability. A ride with stability, resilience, and unrivalled grip exceeds expectations. This tyre will provide you the best driving experience.

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Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tire First Hand Review Video



  1. The Firestone 235/65R16C 121 R E Tire has an impressive load capacity of 3197 pounds, making it a great choice for larger vehicles.
  2. The tire’s asymmetrical tread pattern and high tread depth of 13 32nds ensure excellent traction on snow and ice, making it a reliable choice for winter driving.
  3. Its radial construction provides better handling and stability, resulting in a smooth and comfortable ride.
  4. With dimensions of 28 x 9.5 x 28 inches, this tire is the right fit for vehicles that require a tire of this size.
  5. The Firestone brand is known for its quality and reliability, making this tire a great choice for those who value durability and performance.



Brand Firestone
Seasons Winter
Size 235/65R16C
Rim Size 16 Inches
Section Width 235 Millimeters

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6) Mickey Thompson ATZP3  Tire

Best Tires For Snow Plowing

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Make sure your vehicle’s tyre measurements and specs match your needs when browsing the large selection. The Mickey Thompson ATZP3 Tyre, made by the tyre industry leader Mickey Thompson, is a market leader. This tyre is designed to perform well in non-winter seasons and has many features that make it many drivers’ favourite.

Customised for Excellence: Precision in Dimensions

The Mickey Thompson ATZP3 Tyre fits 17-inch rims at LT285/70R17. Its 285-millimeter section width and 70-percent tyre aspect ratio blend performance and aesthetics. This tire’s load index is 121 and Q-speed rating indicates its performance at high speeds. This tire’s 3197-pound load capability shows its durability. Deeper, its 18.5-inch tread depth and 33-inch tyre diameter enhance its performance. Its 33 x 33 x 11.5-inch LxWxH proportions and 64-pound weight indicate its sturdy construction.

Masterful Construction: Form and Function

The Mickey Thompson ATZP3 Tyre has PowerPly 3 technology and a cutting-edge radial design. Its model number is 90000001918, and it’s important to note that this tyre is still in the manufacturer’s lineup. Mickey Thompson ATZP3 Tyres are reliable and durable, tackling various road conditions.

Finally, the Mickey Thompson ATZP3 Tyre is an engineering marvel. From its strengthened sidewalls to its specialised compound, every detail is geared for optimum performance and longevity. This tire’s exact measurements and skillful craftsmanship make it an industry leader for drivers facing tough road conditions.

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Mickey Thompson ATZP3  Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Stage 3 Motorsports


  1. The Mickey Thompson Atzp3 Tire has a high load index rating of 121, which means it can handle heavy loads of up to 3197 pounds 
  2. With a tread depth of 18.5 inches, this tire offers excellent traction and grip 
  3. The radial construction of this tire ensures stability and durability 
  4. The Mickey Thompson Atzp3 Tire has a tire diameter of 33 inches, making it a perfect fit for large vehicles like trucks and SUVs 
  5. With its PowerPly 3 and multi specifications, this tire is built to withstand wear and tear 




Brand Mickey Thompson
Size LT285/70R17
Rim Size 17 Inches
Section Width 285 Millimeters

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Best Tires for Snow Plowing 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Snow plowing tires are specially designed to help drivers traverse tougher winter conditions. With innovative features like increased traction, long-lasting wear, and better handling, these tires can help make sure you get where you need to go in the snow.

When buying a set of snow plowing tires, it’s important to pay attention to various details such as size and tread depth. Additionally, there are numerous brands on the market featuring different styles of snow plow tire designs. Narrowing down your options can be difficult! To make it simpler, this guide will provide you with an understanding of what makes a good set of snow plow tires and how they can improve your winter driving experience overall.

We’ll start by breaking down the most common features to look for when shopping around for the perfect set of snow tires— including tread type, tire compound, studded options and siping technologies. We’ll then take a look at three popular brands offering various models for any budget or preference: Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 Snow Tires, Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT Tires, and Nitto NT DG2 Snow Tires.

Advantages of Using Snow Plowing Tires

Best Tires For Snow Plowing

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Snow plowing tires are specifically designed for use in cold weather and icy and snowy conditions. They have larger treads, more aggressive tread patterns, and greater tread depth to provide superior traction on icy roads. Snow plowing tires also feature special silica-mixed rubber compounds specially engineered to remain flexible in extremely cold temperatures. The extra traction and flexibility of snow plowing tires help improve braking, cornering, and maneuverability in challenging winter weather conditions.

Snow plowing tires combine different elements to give them the optimal performance for snow removal operations including:

  • Special polymers that allow them to grip the ground even when it is icy or covered in slush.
  • Wide-tread blocks that offer additional gripping power when traveling over ice or snow.
  • Shoulder lugs that extend down the sidewalls providing improved traction when traversing slippery roads.
  • Siping that improves biting edges.
  • Studs (either permanent or screw-in) offering extra grip on hard pack surfaces or packed snow.
  • Square voids between block edges that can act like paddles on loose soft snow surfaces aiding with acceleration.

In addition, many manufacturers build tires with a strong bead area so they stay on the wheels during extreme wear conditions found while driving through deep drifts of snow. All these features provide stability even under heavy loads for successful farming operations throughout extended winter months.

Types of Snow Plowing Tire

Best Tires For Snow Plowing

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Before shopping for the best tires for your snow plowing needs, it is important to understand the different types of tires available. Snow plowing tires can be categorized into four groups: dedicated snow tires, extreme application winter tires, all-season truck tires, and off-road traction tires.

  • Dedicated Snow Tires: As the name suggests, a dedicated snow tire is completely designed and built to handle specific winter weather conditions such as ice, heavy snow and slush. With special tread patterns that provide superior grip on slippery surfaces, these specialty tires are widely used by professional plow operators and off-roaders who regularly face extreme winter weather conditions.
  • Extreme Application Winter Tires: These are high-performance winter/snow-rated truck/SUV/light truck (LT) radial passenger car and light truck radials that provide better traction in deep snow than all-season treads but also well suited for long rides on wet pavement with good performance.
  • All-Season Truck Tires: All season truck tires are designed to perform well in all types of weather conditions including mild winter driving conditions where there may be occasional light or packed snow but no major accumulations or plowing operations anticipated. They feature a symmetrical or asymmetrical tread design that offers good wet traction on dry pavement along with superior cornering stability plus year round performance with minimal variations in noise or ride comfort level due to changing temperatures or surfaces.
  • Off-Road Traction Tires: These specialty molded rubber block treads are made for trucks having especially hard working needs such as off roadway applications where frequent stop & go performance is expected due to working terrain such as farming sand mining landscaping etc., Their oversized lugs dig deeper into the ground which allows them greater control under load when compared with standard street type winter rated tire designs.

Factors to Consider When Buying Snow Plowing Tires

When you’re looking to buy snow plowing tires, it’s important to consider a few factors so you can make the best choice for your needs. The type of terrain and weather conditions in your area should be taken into account as well as the size and weight of the vehicle that will be using the tires. Additionally, you should also think about puncture resistance and grip.

Puncture resistance is important because it helps protect against common hazards such as nails, stones and other material that can be found on snow-covered roads or surfaces. The better puncture resistant a tire is, the less likely it is to suffer damage.

Grip is essential as well. A good grip will help prevent skidding and allow for easy navigation over terrains with snow or ice accumulation. Look for tread patterns that are designed to resist snow buildup and provide reliable traction in all temperatures.

Finally, consider the size of your vehicle when selecting a set of snow plow tires. You’ll want to choose an appropriate size for the weight of your vehicle so that it can handle any heavy loads without problem. We suggest consulting with an expert if you’re unsure what size tire will fit your car best.

Popular Brands of Snow Plowing Tires

When it comes to snow plowing, having the right tires on your vehicle can make a big difference in your performance. Poorly maintained or ill-fitting tires can cause your vehicle to slip on patches of unplowed snow and ice. Tires that are too worn down won’t provide enough traction for safe snow plowing operations, either. Selecting the right tires for your conditions and needs helps ensure safe and efficient Snow Plowing.

Popular Brands of Snow Plowing Tires

There are several popular brands of tires designed specifically for snow plowing operations. These tires generally feature an aggressive tread pattern with heavier lugs, bigger voids between the lugs, deep sipes and/or studs to provide extra grip when needed.

  • Michelin X Tweel Turf: This is a non-pneumatic tire designed specifically for green industry equipment such as lawn mowers, utility tractors and lawn vacuums that require both flotation and traction in loose surfaces like soil or turfgrass. They offer excellent traction when plowing in snowy conditions.
  • Continental ContiTrac: These heavy duty all-season tire emphasize traction without sacrificing comfort on dry roads or durability on icy roads during winter months. They offer good grip even on wet surfaces – perfect for snow plowing operations throughout the winter season!
  • Goodyear UltraGrip Ice WRT: These light truck/SUV winter/snow tires feature an aggressive tread pattern designed to provide maximum grip when driving through wet or icy conditions commonly found during winter months.
  • Cooper Discoverer M+S Winter: This is a mid-range truck tire designed for all season use and excellent wet traction when dealing with rough terrain or low traction surfaces like packed snowy roads and icy surfaces common during winter months.

Tips for Maintaining Snow Plowing Tires

To maximize tire performance, it is important to perform regular maintenance on your snow plowing tires. Before using them, check the air pressure of each tire to make sure it is set according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Tires should also be checked for any visible signs of damage, such as cuts, bulges, splits or tears. Make sure the tread depth is still adequate and that any grooves or voids are not too deep. Additionally, have a professional inspect your tires regularly and perform any necessary adjustments or repairs.

It is also important to take into account the amount of time you spend plowing in the snowy weather each year and how much wear and tear your tires will endure accordingly. If you find yourself using your snow plowing tires frequently, consider switching out your old tires for ones with higher traction capabilities more suited for extreme environments. Furthermore, if you’re working in an area with a lot of rocks or sharp edges on roads in winter time, make sure you have protective chains that fit well over your existing tires to prevent punctures or flat spots over time due to increased stress placed upon them.

Finally, ensure that all four tires are aligned and rotated every 3-10 thousand miles as recommended by the manufacturer so they last longer while providing optimal performance when handling slippery conditions outside.


When it comes to snow plowing, choosing the right tires can make all the difference. The right tire can stand up to heavy loads, handle slick surfaces, and perform well in extreme temperatures. The wrong tires could cause your vehicle to slide when you don’t want it to or skid in a sharp turn.

In order to find the best possible tire for your snow plowing job, you’ll need to assess your needs and determine which type of tire is most likely going to work best.

  • For instance, a lighter-duty truck might be better suited with shallower treads and less aggressive lugs than would be used on a heavier vehicle that needs better traction.
  • Studded tires are good for additional grip on icy terrain but are illegal in some states and should be used only when necessary.
  • And if you frequently plow during extreme temperatures, you’ll need to choose tires with siping technology or those that contain silica compounds for maximum control and comfort on the road.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which tires will work best for your particular situation is by consulting an experienced technician at your local tire shop. With their help and expertise, they’ll be able to advise which types of tires can provide you with the greatest performance while simultaneously offering an acceptable price point. When you have all of these facts sorted out, you’ll be on your way towards finding the perfect winter tires to keep both yourself and your equipment safe during plowing season.


What tire is best for snow plowing?

A tire with a good snow rating and M+S (Mud and Snow) designation, such as the Michelin X-Ice Xi3, is best for snow plowing.

What size tires are best for snow?

The ideal size for snow tires is the same as the vehicle’s original equipment specifications.

What is the longest lasting winter tire?

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 and R3 SUV are considered some of the longest lasting winter tires.

Which Michelin tires are best for snow?

The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 and Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 are both highly rated for snow performance.

Is Bridgestone better than Michelin?

It depends on personal preferences, driving conditions and needs, both Michelin and Bridgestone have high-quality tire options for different conditions.

Are thicker tires better for snow?

Thicker tires can provide better traction in snow, but it is not the only factor to consider when choosing winter tires.

Do I need all 4 tires to be snow tires?

It is recommended to have all four tires be winter tires for optimal safety and performance.

Do snow tyres use more fuel?

Snow tires can have slightly lower fuel efficiency due to their tread patterns and softer rubber compounds.

How do you know if tires are good for snow?

Check the tire’s M+S rating and tread pattern, a good snow tire will have numerous biting edges to grip snow and slush.

How many years do snow tires last?

Snow tire life depends on various factors such as driving conditions, tire maintenance, and usage. On average, they last about 5-6 years.

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