Best Tires For Gravel Roads 2023

While gravel roads might not be the fanciest type of terrain for a car, they are still quite common across the world. But, choosing the right tires for your vehicle can make the difference between an enjoyable and a bumpy ride. Here at [Blog Name], we’ve got everything you need to know about choosing the best tires for gravel roads in 2023! Let’s take a look.

Best Tires For Gravel Roads 2023

  1. BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire (Editor’s Pick) 
  2. Falken Wildpeak AT3W Car Tire(Best Overall)
  3. Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus Tire(Budget Friendly)
  4. Continental TerrainContact A/T Car Tire
  5. Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire
  6. General Grabber AT/X Tire
  7. Firestone Transforce AT2 Car Tire

1) BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire

Best Tires For Gravel Roads

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Dimensional perfection is important to optimal automobile tire performance. BFGoodrich, a tire industry leader, makes top-quality tires for every season and purpose. The BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire is a popular year-round option.

The BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire is painstakingly engineered for 18-inch rims. Its 285-millimeter section width and 65-tyre aspect ratio find the right mix between form and function. Its load index value of 125 allows it to carry 3,640 pounds, and its speed rating of R allows it to reach 106 mph. This tire performs consistently with a 15 32nd tread depth and symmetrical tread type for uniform wear. Its 80 pounds per square inch maximum pressure strengthens its build.

Tailored for Performance and Versatility

The BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire fits a variety of cars with its 10-inch rim width and 32.6-inch tire diameter. It weighs 57.2 pounds and measures 32.6 x 11.5 x 32.6 inches. Radial structure gives it a UTQG rating of E, indicating excellent treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance.

Outstanding Performance and Durability

The BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire combines performance, durability, and versatility. A top choice for drivers seeking a reliable tire for various road conditions and weather. It fits many automobiles due to its painstakingly crafted specifications and proportions. Even wear and a long lifespan are guaranteed by its symmetrical tread design.


The BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Radial vehicle Tire dominates the vehicle tire market. Its innovative features and painstaking craftsmanship set it apart from regular tires. This engineering marvel enhances control, stability, and performance while driving. The BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire lets you conquer any terrain, weather, and drive confidently.

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BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. Versatile year-round use
  2. Load index rating of 125 can handle up to 3,640 pounds of weight
  3. Symmetrical tread design for even wear and a long lifespan
  4. Radial construction and UTQG rating of E ensure excellent performance and durability
  5. Great fit for a variety of vehicles with a rim size of 18 inches and a section width of 285 millimeters.



Brand BFGoodrich
Seasons Year Round
Size LT285/65R18/E 125/122R
Rim Size 18 Inches
Section Width 285 Millimeters

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2) Falken Wildpeak AT3W Car Tire

Best Tires For Gravel Roads

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Winter driving requires the correct tires for safety and comfort. The Falken Wildpeak AT3W Car Tire is the best choice for winter performance. Before buying a tire, check its measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your car.

Mastering Dimensions: A Perfect Fit

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Car Tires are 285/70R17 and fit 17-inch rims. With a 285-millimeter section width and 70 tire aspect ratio, this tire dominates the road. Its load index is 117 and its speed is T. This tire’s load capacity of 2833 pounds and tread depth of 13.6 32nds ensure top performance even in harsh winter conditions. The item is 33 x 33 x 12 inches and the tire is 33 inches wide.

Falken Craftsmanship: Excellence Is Legacy

Falken, an automotive legend, meticulously crafts the Falken Wildpeak AT3W Car Tire. A radial tire that satisfies strict criteria, it offers an unmatched solution for a wide range of vehicles. This 660AB UTQG tire is designed for excellent traction and stability on snow and ice-covered surfaces.

Falken Unveils Unparalleled

In conclusion, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W Car Tire represents cutting-edge engineering and unrelenting performance. Its innovative diffuser technology and sturdy structure dominate all terrains, and its winter performance is unrivaled. Falken Wildpeak AT3W unlocks new driving confidence, no matter the difficulty.

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Falken Wildpeak AT3W Car Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Falken Wildpeak AT3W Car Tire is a top-of-the-line tire that promises excellent performance in all winter conditions.
  2. This tire is manufactured by Falken, a leading brand in the automotive industry.
  3. With a load capacity of 2833 pounds and a tread depth of 13.6 32nds, this tire promises to deliver exceptional performance even in the harshest winter conditions.
  4. The Falken Wildpeak AT3W Car Tire has a UTQG rating of 660AB, making it a versatile option for all types of vehicles.
  5. This tire comes in a size of 285/70R17, which makes it a perfect fit for most SUVs and pickup trucks.



Brand Falken
Seasons Winter
Size 285/70R17
Rim Size 17 Inches
Section Width 285 Millimeters

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3) Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus Tire

Best Tires For Gravel Roads

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Choosing the right tire for your vehicle requires careful consideration of dimensions. The Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus Tire is ideal for people seeking a durable, trustworthy tire that can handle a variety of terrains. This 275/60R20 115T tire on a 20-inch rim is suited for non-winter use. Its 275-millimeter section width and 60-tyre aspect ratio combine adaptability and performance.

Presentation of Performance Metrics

This tire has a T speed rating and 115 load index. Its tread depth of 12 32nds and weight capacity of 2679 pounds make it durable. Symmetrical tread ensures uniform performance, and 44 pounds per square inch is the maximum pressure. The 4-ply rating adds durability without sacrificing resilience. The tire’s 25-inch diameter and 47-pound weight give it stability. The Scorpion All Terrain Plus is a testament to Pirelli’s excellence.

Beyond Specifications

This masterpiece’s radial structure and 640 A B UTQG highlight its remarkable performance. The bolt pattern (pitch circle diameter) is 4 inches, allowing it to fit many automobiles. The package’s height and length of 20 inches, together with the country of origin, all contribute to an unmatched tire experience.

Dominant Performance Redefined

The Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus tire stands out in the tire world for its performance, comfort, and versatility. From its Italian roots to its creative design and exceptional specs, it will improve your driving experience. For excellence on urban streets or rural terrain, this tire is the clear choice. Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus tires provide grip, stability, and unwavering adventure.

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Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus Tire is a great option for those looking for a reliable and durable tire that can handle a variety of terrains.
  2. This tire has a load capacity of 2679 pounds, making it suitable for larger vehicles.
  3. Its maximum pressure of 44 pound per square inch ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.
  4. The symmetrical tread type provides stability and handling on the road.
  5. The UTQG rating of 640 A B ensures that this tire is a high-quality product that will last for a long time.



Brand Pirelli
Size 275/60R20 115T
Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 275 Millimeters
Tire Aspect Ratio 60

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4) Continental TerrainContact A/T Car Tire

Best Tires For Gravel Roads

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A key feature of the Continental TerrainContact A/T Car Tire is its size. This 275/60R20 tire suits most SUVs due to its 20-inch rim, 275 millimeter section width, and 60 aspect ratio. This exact compatibility provides driving safety and stability. With a load index of 115, a speed rating of S, and a load capacity of 2679 pounds, this tire handles heavy loads reliably.

Expert Tread Design

Continental TerrainContact A/T Car Tires have unmatched tread design. Its lifespan is assured by its non-directional tread type and all-encompassing tread pattern. The steel shoulder structure makes the tire durable, which is important for regular drivers. Its 12 32nd tread depth ensures excellent traction and grip on rainy or dry pavements.

Superior Specifications

The Continental TerrainContact A/T Car Tire’s 680-A-B UTQG grade supports its quality. This rating highlights its excellent treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance. With a 33-inch circle, 33 x 33 x 9.5-inch dimensions, and 43 pounds, installation is easy. Continental, a trusted automobile brand, makes this product to the highest standards.

The Decision

The Continental TerrainContact A/T Car Tire excels in a crowded market. Its size matches SUVs, ensuring stability and safety. The tread is well-designed for durability and grip on hazardous conditions. This tire is the clear choice for drivers seeking a great blend of performance, safety, and durability due to its excellent specs and Continental brand. The Continental TerrainContact A/T Car Tire guides you confidently and comfortably on highways and difficult terrain.

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Continental TerrainContact A/T Car Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. Longer tread life due to the full-service tread design.
  2. Superior grip and traction on dry and wet roads with 12 32nds tread depth.
  3. High load index rating and load capacity (115 and 2679 pounds, respectively).
  4. Non-directional tread type and solid shoulder all-steel construction add to the durability of the tire.
  5. UTQG rating of 680-A-B signifies excellent treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance.



Brand Continental
Size 275/60R20
Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 275 Millimeters

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5) Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire

Best Tires For Gravel Roads

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Continental, the automobile industry’s leader, makes tires that combine performance and safety. The Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire proudly continues this tradition. Radial structure underpins a comfortable, smooth ride. This tire provides unmatched handling precision and stability on metropolitan streets and difficult routes.

A Tire for Every Situation

An outstanding tire dominates all terrain. Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire fully supports this principle. A carefully developed tread pattern makes it versatile in various terrain. This tire is ideal for drivers who need maximum traction and confidence on rugged paths and rainy roadways.

Precision Fitting Your Vehicle

Choosing the right tire depends on its compatibility with your vehicle. The Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire excels in this, assuring a perfect complement. Designed for 20-inch rims and 265 millimeter section width, it fits your car perfectly. The tire’s 50 aspect ratio, 107 load index rating, and T-speed rating make it ideal for heavier vehicles and those that often haul heavy cargo.

Under the Surface: Strength and Durability

The Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire has the heart of a 10-ply warrior beneath its attractiveness. The tenacious ply rating means this tire can handle the toughest off-road adventures. This tire balances grip and longevity with a generous 12 32nd tread depth and non-directional tread type. It defies its size at 30.4 inches and 37.04 pounds, proving that lightweight can be durable.

TerrainContact A/T Model Dimensions and Beyond

The tire is 30.4 x 30.4 x 9.5 inches, demonstrating its precise design. It boldly represents Continental’s dedication to making tires that push boundaries as part of the TerrainContact A/T line.

Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire: Redefining Your Journey

The Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire is the clear choice for a better driving experience. From rocky routes for adventurers to refined city roads, this tire provides comfort, performance, and constant reliability. Continental’s commitment to tire innovation is evident with every rotation. Take the Continental route and be extraordinary.

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Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire is manufactured by Continental, a well-known and trusted brand in the tire industry.
  2. This tire is designed to be used year-round, making it a versatile and practical choice for drivers.
  3. The Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire is built to fit rims that are 20 inches in size, with a load index rating of 107 and a speed rating of T.
  4. With a tread depth of 12 32nds and a ply rating of 10-ply, this tire is strong and durable enough to handle off-road driving.
  5. The item dimensions of the Continental All-Terrain Radial Tire are 30.4 x 30.4 x 9.5 inches, making it a great choice for larger vehicles.



Brand Continental
Seasons Year Round
Size 265/50R20
Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 265 Millimeters

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6) General Grabber AT/X Tire

Best Tires For Gravel Roads

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The perfect tire for your vehicle depends on careful dimension assessment to provide top performance and safety. Drivers worldwide love General’s Grabber AT/X tire, which has made them stand out among the many tire brands. This year-round tire has 275/55R20 dimensions, a 20-inch rim diameter, and a 115 load index rating.

General Grabber AT/X Features: More Than Meets the Eye

Beyond its appearance, the General Grabber AT/X tire hides many features that contribute to its exceptional capabilities. Its large size and ability to carry 2678.6 pounds are remarkable, and its non-directional tread and D ply rating make it a reliable choice, especially for off-road adventures. This tire’s revolutionary balance mechanism ensures a steady, delightfully smooth ride on muddy trails or busy metropolitan streets.

Mastercraftsmanship: Ingenious Construction

The General Grabber AT/X tire, made in the heartland of the US, is precisely developed to withstand the roughest circumstances for maximum longevity and endurance. Its indestructibility makes it unmatched in the toughest terrains. Additionally, the tire’s package height and length standards ensure a flawless fit on your car.

In conclusion, the General Grabber AT/X tire is a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, exquisite craftsmanship, and unwavering performance and longevity. This tire is the pinnacle of tire engineering and guarantees an unmatched driving experience on a variety of terrains and circumstances.

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General Grabber AT/X Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. High load capacity of 2678.6 pounds
  2. Made in the United States
  3. Comfort balance technology for a smooth ride
  4. Durable non-directional tread design
  5. Package height and length specifications for easy installation



Brand General
Seasons Year Round
Size 275/55R20
Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 275 Inches

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7) Firestone Transforce AT2 Car Tire

Best Tires For Gravel Roads

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The Firestone Transforce AT2 revolutionizes vehicle tires. Its huge load capacity ensures great performance on rainy or dry roads. Its smart tread pattern maximizes longevity, helping drivers reduce tire replacements. More than a trustworthy companion, this tire represents Firestone’s engineering excellence.

Road Confidence: Handling and Stability Redefined

Picture yourself driving along the highway, gracefully turning every corner. Firestone Transforce AT2 promises that type of pleasure. This tire’s excellent engineering offers good handling and stability on all terrains. Forget the jitters and enjoy a safe, calm ride.

Technical Details: Firestone Transforce AT2

Let’s break into the Firestone Transforce AT2’s specs to ensure a perfect fit. This high-quality tire has a 265/75/16 tire size, 16-inch rim size, and 265-millimeter section width. The tire’s aspect ratio is 75 and load index is 123. Its R speed rating and 3417-pound load capacity shouldn’t be overlooked.

Construction Precision: A Closer Look

The Firestone Transforce AT2’s precise construction ensures performance. With a 10-ply rating and precision marked “B,” this tire is durable and long-lasting. The tire diameter is 31.6 inches and the rim width is 7.5 inches. The tire weighs 44 pounds and is 31.7 x 10.5 x 31.7 inches.

Behind the Scenes: Manufacturer Knowledge

Manufacturer skill underpins every great product. In the Firestone Transforce AT2, Firestone leads. The TRANSFORCE AT2 model number for this tire is 182. Importantly, this tire is still available—it shows Firestone’s dedication to quality. The OEM and manufacturer part numbers? Both 182 match precision seamlessly.

Selecting Excellence: Customization

Choosing the right car tire requires examining your personal needs. Season, performance, automobile type, load range, and treadlife are crucial. The Firestone Transforce AT2’s load range E 10 is ideal for heavy-duty vehicles. Its versatility makes it a reliable year-round tire in mud and snow. Its non-directional tread pattern ensures stability and handling in all weather.

In conclusion, Firestone Transforce AT2 elevates your drive.The Firestone Transforce AT2 leads the all-season automobile tire market with unmatched performance, reliability, and longevity at an affordable price. Choose a tire that flawlessly mixes innovation and technical excellence to enhance your driving experience. The Firestone Transforce AT2 exceeds expectations, giving you a new perspective on the road.

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Firestone Transforce AT2 Car Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Firestone Transforce At2 car tire is a durable and reliable tire suitable for heavy-duty vehicles with its load range E 10 rating.
  2. The tire’s non-directional tread design provides excellent stability and handling in both wet and dry conditions.
  3. With a tread depth of 13.49 millimeters, the tire offers extended tread life, ensuring you get value for your money.
  4. The Firestone Transforce At2 car tire is a versatile year-round tire that provides excellent traction on all types of terrain, making it suitable for any weather condition.
  5. This tire is designed with a 10-ply rating and a construction of B, making it durable and resistant to punctures and damages.



Brand Firestone
Seasons Year Round
Size 265/75/16
Rim Size 16 Inches
Section Width 265 Millimeters

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Best Tires for Gravel Roads 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When looking to buy tires for gravel roads, there are several factors that you should consider. While performance factors such as traction, braking ability and grip are important, there are also factors related to your vehicle size, type of terrain you will be driving on and overall durability that should be taken into consideration.

The purpose of this guide is to help you determine which type of tire best meets your needs. We will review the different types of tires available for gravel roads, explain the features and benefits of each type of tire and suggest some tips for selecting a tire that is ideal for your particular driving conditions. After reading this guide, you should have all the information necessary to make an informed decision when purchasing tires for your gravel road vehicle.

Types of Tires for Gravel Roads

Tires designed for use on gravel roads vary in their construction and design. Depending on the size and nature of the gravel on your road, you may need different tires to drive safely and efficiently. Understanding how the different types of tires perform will help you determine which ones are best for your needs.

  • All-Terrain Tires: These tires provide excellent grip and handling abilities, due to their aggressive tread patterns. The tread is made from soft rubber compounds that are specially designed to dig into rough terrain. All-terrain tires also provide good traction when driving on wet or dry surfaces and are able to grip loose surfaces such as sand, mud and dirt.
  • Mud-Terrain Tires: These tires have large grooves designed specifically to handle deep mud or soft surfaces like sand. The tire’s aggressive tread pattern provides excellent traction in all types of environments, however they can wear quickly if used extensively on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete roads. They have a wide range of sizes available depending on your needs, allowing them to be used in a variety of vehicles including Jeeps, trucks and SUVs.
  • Rock Tires: Rock tires are designed to tackle the toughest terrains with deep lugs that give them excellent handling capabilities while digging into rocks, providing strong grip when cornering and preventing slippage even on steep inclines or declines. They also offer better stability than all terrain or mud terrain tires due to their robust construction which helps keep them from bouncing around when driving over difficult terrain such as thick roots or heavy rocks. Additionally these tires offer great traction in wet conditions as well making them ideal for tackling mud filled trails that require extra control when moving forward or turning sharply at higher speeds.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tires for Gravel Roads

Best Tires For Gravel Roads

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When it comes to finding the best tire for gravel roads, there are some important factors to keep in mind. The right tire can ensure optimal performance, longer life, and better fuel economy.

Tire Size: Tire size is an important factor when looking at tires for gravel roads. To determine the right size for your vehicle, refer to your owner’s manual or look for a placard inside the driver-side door jamb. Generally speaking, larger tires offer more grip on gravel roads since they provide more contact with the ground. However, it is important to consider weight and balance as well as clearance with larger tire sizes before purchase.

Tread Design: The tread pattern of your tire has a big impact on how the tire performs on pavement versus dirt or gravel roads. For example, an all-terrain tire typically features large grooves with aggressive treading that helps it grip surfaces like stones and sand in off-road conditions. On the other hand, highway/touring type tires feature shallower grooves that help minimize road noise while providing off-road traction when necessary. Additionally, consider how often you use your car and where you frequently drive when selecting a tread design—it can make a big difference in performance and mileage longevity.

Stability & Comfort: Comfort is paramount when driving on long stretches of unpaved road; having quality shocks help mitigate vibration and provide extra cushioning on bumpy terrain. You must also ensure that there is enough traction between the road surface and members of both axles in order to preserve stability while cornering at higher speeds when navigating sharp turns off highways or going downhill quickly into ditches along low hillsides.

Finally, consider whether you intend to use your vehicles specifically for offroading before purchasing any dedicated tires for these activities; special mud terrain (MT) tires are necessary if you do plan to venture onto areas of uneven surfaces with deep mud puddles awaiting around each corner.

Benefits of Tires for Gravel Roads

Best Tires For Gravel Roads

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Gravel roads often feature steep berms, deep ruts and stones that can either puncture tires or cause instability. Selecting the right tires for gravel roads is essential for safety and performance. Tires that are designed for off-road adventures offer plenty of benefits when it comes to tackling gravel roads, especially if you plan to do any long-distance driving.

The following are some of the primary benefits offered by selecting the right tires for your gravel road needs:

  1. Increased Traction: Many off-road ready tires are designed with larger tread blocks that offer plenty of grip on even the most challenging terrain, allowing you more control while driving in an unfamiliar environment.
  2. Reduced Vibration: Off-road ready tires are designed with dampening technology that helps reduce vibration and increase comfort while driving on rough surfaces like those commonly found on gravel roads.
  3. Improved Durability: Tires made specifically for off-road adventures are designed to withstand a variety of elements, including heat, UV radiation, water and rocks common found in many gravel road environments. These tires also feature more puncture resistant rubber compounds which can reduce chances of getting stuck quickly changing driving conditions prevalent in certain areas known for their high numbers of distant travelers using these routes each year. Many tires offer enhanced durability in temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius – perfect for traversing cold climates or mountainous regions where snow is likely at higher altitudes.
  4. Reduced Risk: By installing quality, off-road ready tyres on your vehicle before going out on a gravel road adventure you can often increase your peace of mind knowing that you have taken all possible steps necessary to protect yourself from unexpected and undesired circumstances such as blowouts or flat tyres when travelling away from home.

Best Tires for Gravel Roads 2023

Whether you’re looking for top-notch high performance or just basic no-frills reliability, selecting the right tires for gravel roads can make all the difference on your next backroad adventure. In this guide, we’ll cover which tire will provide the best traction and handling on loose gravel, what other features to look out for, and which tires to avoid.

Gravel roads tend to vary in composition depending on region, but they are usually composed of small stones and/or chunks of surrounding soil and rock covered by a layer of loose surface material. As such, it is essential that you use a tire that is specifically designed for maximum traction on this type of terrain.

Overall, you should look for narrow tires with knobs along the sides to really dig into gravel surfaces. These extra-aggressive treads are specifically designed to provide superior grip. You should also consider having a wider tire in order to keep your vehicle from sinking too deeply into soft sections of earth or sliding off hard rocks when cornering.

When considering specific tire models for gravel roads in 2023, look for extended service ratings or UTQG ratings so that you can be sure of how long each model will last. You should also pay attention to puncture resistance ratings as well as rolling resistance values in order to determine which tire will give you the most bang for your buck over time. And lastly, some models include automated wear correction technology which can come in handy if you find yourself driving on rough gravel surfaces more frequently than expected!

No matter what kind of terrain you plan on tackling with your vehicle this season, a great pair of tires specifically designed for gravel will make all the difference when it comes to conquering those backroads efficiently and safely!

How to Install Tires for Gravel Roads

Installing tires on a gravel road is not as complex as it may seem. It’s important to research the tire options available and choose one that best fits your needs. However, before buying a new set of tires, it’s also important to understand the basics of how to install them safely and correctly.

When preparing to install tires for a gravel road, you will need:

  • Torque wrench
  • Jacks or other lifting device
  • Replacement tire
  • Gloves and safety glasses

The first step in installing the tires is to find the correct size for your vehicle. This can be done by consulting with an expert or looking at the side of your current tires for their size specifications. Always make sure that you check with a professional to ensure that you are getting the right fit for your car’s make and model.

The next step is prepping the area where you will be working and ensuring that it is safe for installation. This includes checking for debris or any other hazards in the area, as well as ensuring that any tools or additional parts are close by when needed. Once the area has been checked over, it’s time to start installation!

Begin by jacking up your car so that both wheels can be removed from the gravel road surface. Next, use a torque wrench on each wheel nut located at each corner of your vehicle while slowly removing them in a star pattern until they become loose enough to disconnect from the wheel hub easily. Make sure not to remove them completely—just loosen them up enough so they can slide off easily when removed later on during installation.

Once all four wheel nuts have been loosened, carefully remove all four wheels from each corner of your vehicle—ensuring careful balance at all times so as not to cause personal injury or damage any part of your car’s structure. Place each wheel aside separately so no screws become mixed up during reassembly later on in this process.

Care and Maintenance of Tires for Gravel Roads

In order to ensure that your tires for gravel roads last and perform optimally, it is important to practice proper care and maintenance. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your tires:

  1. Inspect your tires regularly, at least once a month. Look for any signs of damage such as punctures, cuts, abrasions or cracking of the rubber. Inspect the tread depth to make sure there is still plenty of depth left and check if the sidewall integrity is intact.
  2. Rotate your tires at least once every 10,000 miles in order to maximize their lifespan and help them wear evenly. This will also improve driving performance on gravel roads as well as provide a smoother ride overall.
  3. Keep your tires inflated to the recommended tire pressure for maximum performance and fuel efficiency – information about this can usually be found on the inside edge of the door jamb or in your vehicle’s owner manual.
  4. Check and adjust wheel alignment regularly – when a wheel is misaligned it causes unnecessary wear on one or more parts of a tire resulting in faster than normal tread wear and premature failure especially when driving on gravel roads. This adjustment should be done every six months or 6,000 miles as part of routine maintenance services at a repair shop that specializes in tire care maintenance.
  5. Protect your tires from harsh weather conditions – extreme temperatures can cause dry rot which weakens rubber over time; if you must drive in wet weather conditions, add an anti-hydroplaning tread compound that helps shed water away from the contact patch with the road surface; always store tires indoors whenever possible.
  6. All weather driving demands good all season traction from your tires; use specialized winter traction compounds or studs whenever necessary especially during periods when road conditions predominantly involve snow covered surfaces.

Conclusion: The Best Tires for Gravel Roads 2023

When it comes to buying tires for gravel roads, it’s important to consider the trade-offs between protecting your car from mud and damage on one hand, and getting traction and sufficient cushioning on the other. You should also choose a tire that fits your budget, as well as your specific driving requirements.

There are several tires available in the market that provide excellent balance among factors such as price, performance, durability, and comfort. Some popular choices for good quality gravel road tires this season include:

  • Goodyear Ultra-Terrain T/A LT Tire
  • Mastercraft Courser HX Outlaw Tire
  • Cooper Discoverer A/T3 XLT Tire
  • Firestone Destination A/T2 All Season Radial Tire etc.

The most suitable tire depends on the type of surface you drive on most frequently and what matters most to you (traction vs cushioning). Ultimately, try out different tires before deciding which one works best for your car and driving conditions.


What tire is best on gravel?

The best tire for gravel will depend on the specific riding conditions, rider preference, and the bike setup. Some popular options include tubeless tires with aggressive tread patterns or wider tires with lower pressure for added stability.

What tires do I need for a gravel bike?

Fastest gravel tires will vary based on conditions, but options with low rolling resistance and more aerodynamic features are typically preferred.

What is the fastest rolling gravel tires?

Tires for a gravel bike should have a suitable tread pattern for the terrain and be able to handle rough roads and off-road sections. A versatile tire with good traction and durability is recommended.

Is 35c enough for gravel?

35c tire width may be suitable for some gravel riding, but it may not provide enough stability and comfort for more technical or rugged terrain. Wider tires with lower pressure are often recommended for better grip and comfort on gravel.

Is 700×32 good for gravel?

700×32 tire size can be suitable for gravel, but it also depends on other factors like tire pressure, tread pattern, and bike setup. A wider tire with a more aggressive tread may be better suited for rough terrain.

What’s a good gravel tire width?

A good gravel tire width is subjective and can range from 35-50c, but wider tires around 40-45c are a popular choice for added stability and comfort.

Are wider tyres better for gravel?

Wider tires can provide more stability and grip on gravel roads, but it also depends on the terrain, rider preference, and bike setup. Narrower tires can also be suitable for smoother or less technical gravel.

How thick should a gravel road be?

The thickness of a gravel road depends on various factors, including traffic volume, soil type, and intended use. Generally, a gravel road should have a thickness of at least 6-12 inches.

Do tires wear faster on gravel roads?

Tires can wear faster on gravel roads due to the rough terrain, so it’s important to choose tires that are durable and able to handle rough roads. Regular maintenance and tire pressure checks can also help prolong tire life.

What are the disadvantages of gravel roads?

Disadvantages of gravel roads include lower driving comfort, higher maintenance costs, and potential damage to vehicles. Gravel roads can also be challenging to navigate during wet weather and are generally not as fast as paved roads.


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