Best Tires For Ford Explorer 2023

Looking for the best possible tires for your Ford Explorer 2023? We have got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the top tire options available in the market, to give your ride a newfound strength and stability. So buckle up and let’s get started!

Best Tires For Ford Explorer 2023

  1. Bridgestone 245/60R18 Tire(Editor’s Pick)
  2. MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S Car Tire(Best Overall)
  3. Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tire(Budget Friendly)
  4. Pirelli Scorpion Car Tire
  6. MICHELIN Premier LTX Car Tire
  7. Yokohama Car Tire

1) Bridgestone 245/60R18 Tire

Best Tires For Ford Explorer

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Tyre dimensions are crucial to a perfect fit and performance for your vehicle. The Bridgestone 245/60R18 tyre is a great year-round alternative due to its versatile design and excellent craftsmanship. This tire’s 245 millimetre section width and 60 millimetre aspect ratio provide a stable, pleasant, and responsive ride. The tire’s load index rating of 105 allows it to carry 2039 pounds, making it ideal for a wide range of vehicles.

Resilient Architecture

Bridgestone 245/60R18 tyres are known for their durability and sturdy design. The tire’s tread depth of 10 32nds ensures long-lasting wear. This tire’s radial structure makes it durable and wear-resistant. The tyre has a V-speed rating, proving its capacity to handle speeds up to 149 mph without sacrificing performance.


A Universal Choice: SUVs, Crossovers, Light Trucks

Beyond its impressive qualities, the Bridgestone 245/60R18 tyre is adaptable and fits many cars. This tire’s proportions and construction work together to improve driving in SUVs, crossovers and light trucks. Its versatility and lifespan make it a cost-effective investment, allowing drivers to maximise tyre value.


The Decision

The Bridgestone 245/60R18 is the best premium tyre. This tyre combines performance, comfort, and stability with cutting-edge technology, superb craftsmanship, and precision measurements. Its unwavering grip and handling allow it to easily navigate rain-soaked streets and dry highways. This tyre represents Bridgestone’s engineering expertise, whether you’re travelling cross-country or in the city. Bridgestone 245/60R18 tyres bring driving to new heights.

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Bridgestone 245/60R18 Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  FrankensteiN


  1. Versatile year-round performance
  2. High load capacity of 2039 pounds
  3. Long-lasting tread depth of 10 32nds
  4. Capable of handling speeds up to 149 miles per hour
  5. Radial construction for durability



Brand Bridgestone
Seasons Year Round
Size 245/60R18
Rim Size 7 Inches
Section Width 245 Millimeters

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2) MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S Car Tire

Best Tires For Ford Explorer

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The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is notable for its lightweight, efficient design, and high performance. No more handling, fuel efficiency, and durability trade-offs. This tyre is designed to handle urban streets and difficult terrain with ease. An experience, not simply a ride.

Reliable Control Technology for Advanced

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S redefines handling and control with cutting-edge technology. It’s an engineering marvel, not simply a tyre. This tyre provides a class-leading driving experience for demanding drivers. The road and tyre paint a picture of performance and accuracy.

Gain Confidence: Performance and Safety United

Michelin Defender LTX M/S tyres combine safety and performance. Designed for all seasons, it helps you handle different driving situations. Choosing the proper tyre dimensions ensures a snug fit and optimised performance that improves driving pleasure.

Excellent Design: Size Matters

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is designed for performance on a variety of cars with 225/55R17/XL 101H specifications and 17-inch wheels. The 225-millimeter section width and 55 aspect ratio provide the tyre excellent road handling and stability. A load index value of 101 and a load capacity of 1819 pounds make this tyre dependable for SUVs and trucks.

Traction Redefined: Tread Design and Performance

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S automobile tire’s 10.5 32nds tread depth and symmetrical tread shape provide wet and dry traction. You can now regulate your grip in any weather with this tyre. It can manage fast speeds without compromising safety with a maximum pressure of 50 pounds per square inch. Your safety is vital.

Where Mileage Meets Efficiency: Unveiling Construction

Radial technology and a 720AA UTQG rating give the Michelin Defender LTX M/S better mileage, hydroplaning danger, and fuel efficiency. This tyre is an investment in long-term performance, savings, and peace of mind.

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S vehicle tyre is a symbol of innovation, combining cutting-edge technology with precision engineering to deliver an unmatched driving experience. Excellence should replace concessions since every drive deserves it.

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MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S Car Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Campus Automotive Inc


  1. Superior performance and safety on the road
  2. All-season use for versatile driving conditions
  3. Symmetrical tread design for excellent traction on wet and dry roads
  4. Load index rating of 101 and load capacity of 1819 pounds for heavy loads
  5. More mileage, reduced risk of hydroplaning, and improved fuel efficiency with UTQG rating of 720AA.



Size 225/55R17/XL 101H
Rim Size 17 Inches
Section Width 225 Millimeters

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3) Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tire

Best Tires For Ford Explorer

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Every turn reveals the Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tire’s outstanding handling and versatility. This tyre ensures a confident and pleasant ride on the highway, in town, or on the open road. Lightweight construction improves fuel efficiency and acceleration, but it also shows agility and endurance.

All-Season Mastery

Free yourself from seasonal constraints. The Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tyre offers year-round performance despite weather conditions. Its grip on the road keeps you in control regardless of weather. Drivers seeking reliability and performance from an all-season partner will love this tire’s architecture.

Technical brilliance: Key specifications Size and Load Index Rating: With 245/50R20 dimensions and a load index value of 102, this tyre can handle 1874 pounds, providing reliability and peace of mind on any journey.

Symmetrical Tread Design: Even wear assures constant performance from the Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tyre throughout its lifespan.

Perfect Fit: This 8.86-inch tyre fits 20-inch rims and balances style and substance. The aspect ratio of 50 promotes a well-proportioned and steady ride by making the tire’s cross-section height 50% of its width.

Pressure and UTQG Rating: The Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tyre performs well and lasts long with a maximum pressure rating of 44 pounds per square inch and a UTQG rating of 600.

The Radial Benefit

The Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tyre uses steel belts perpendicular to the road for radial traction. This strategic architecture improves stability and handling, making it a reliable choice for confident drivers. This tire’s 10.5 32nd tread depth provides excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces, and its 29.69-inch maximum diameter ensures a smooth, pleasant ride.

When performance, precision, innovation, and reliability meet, the Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tyre is the indisputable champion. Raise your driving standards and experience a road where everything obeys you. Say yes to Uniroyal’s unmatched performance.

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Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Joey Kerle


  1. The Uniroyal 245/50R20 Tire has a load capacity of up to 1874 pounds, making it a durable and reliable choice for heavy vehicles.
  2. Its symmetrical tread type ensures that the tire wears evenly, providing consistent performance throughout its lifespan.
  3. The radial construction of the tire provides stability and improves handling, making it a reliable choice for drivers.
  4. With a maximum pressure rating of 44 pounds per square inch and a UTQG rating of 600, this tire provides a high level of performance and durability.
  5. Its maximum diameter of 29.69 inches ensures a comfortable ride for drivers and passengers alike.



Brand Uniroyal
Seasons Year Round
Size 245/50R20 102V
Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 8.86 Inches

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4) Pirelli Scorpion Car Tire

Best Tires For Ford Explorer

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The tread pattern is a work of beauty, carefully designed to improve traction on rainy roads. This tactical design boosts cornering confidence and expertise as drivers traverse road twists and bends.

Comfort and Serenity Symphony

Beyond performance, the Pirelli Scorpion tyre invites comfort and tranquilly. It’s the best choice for drivers who want performance and luxury in a smooth ride. A harmonic combination that makes every ride memorable.

The Versatile Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3 Tyre

Dimensions are one of the most important factors when buying new automobile tyres. The Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3 tyre is a beacon for people seeking a tyre that transcends seasons and winter. Its section width of 225 inches, tyre aspect ratio of 55, load index rating of 99, and speed rating of V make it a strong competitor.

Unleash Potential: For Different Terrain

For CUVs, SUVs and light trucks, the Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3 tyre is carefully designed for various vehicle terrains. Its 1709-pound load capacity and 12 32nd tread depth make this tyre confident in many driving conditions. With a maximum pressure threshold of 44 pounds per square inch and a 19-inch rim width, it’s ready for any adventure.

Engineering Excellence: Construction Art

The Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3 tyre is a structural marvel. Its radial structure gives it increased stability and precision handling, making it an exceptional driving experience. This architectural genius extends the tire’s lifespan and improves its performance, ensuring its graceful longevity.

Finally, the Pirelli Scorpion vehicle tyre combines performance, luxury, and versatility. The Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3 tyre opens new driving possibilities with its clever design that balances unrivalled traction and tranquil comfort. This tyre elevates driving experiences.


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Pirelli Scorpion Car Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Tempe Tyres


  1. The Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3 tire is built to handle a variety of different driving conditions, making it a great year-round, non-winter option.
  2. With a load capacity of 1709 pounds and a tread depth of 12 32nds, this tire is designed to provide maximum performance and durability.
  3. The radial construction of the Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3 tire helps to improve stability and handling, which can result in a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.
  4. The Pirelli brand is well-known for producing high-quality tires, which means that you can trust in the performance and reliability of this tire.
  5. With a UTQG rating of 800-A-A, this tire is designed to provide excellent traction and handling, which can help to improve safety on the road.



Brand Pirelli
Seasons Year Round, NON_WINTER
Size 225/55R19 99V
Rim Size 19 Inches
Section Width 225 Inches

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Best Tires For Ford Explorer

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For those wanting an all-around tyre, the Continental Terrain tyre is the best choice, whether on the highway or off-road. The tire’s versatility shows as it switches terrains. The Continental Terrain tyre dominates the road with its smooth, safe ride.

Continental Terrain Contact H/T Tyre: Unveiled Excellence

The Continental Terrain Contact H/T tyre is Continental’s flagship offering and a top-tier tyre. This exceptional tyre excels in performance and longevity, enduring a variety of circumstances. This tire’s dimensions affect your vehicle’s fit and performance, among other considerations.

Dimensions That Matter—A Reliable Vehicle Companion

The Continental Terrain Contact H/T tire’s 31.6 x 10.7 x 31.6-inch measurements show its versatility. The tire’s 265-millimeter section width and 65 aspect ratio balance stability and comfort. Radial structure and an 18-inch rim diameter give the tyre stability and agility.

Enhancing Performance—Load, Speed, and Endurance

The Continental Terrain Contact H/T tyre has a good speed rating of T and a load index of 114. This allows the tyre to carry heavy loads at modest speeds, demonstrating its durability. The tire’s 12 32nd tread depth and 800AB UTQG rating make it durable and long-lasting.

Making a Perfect Fit—Acquisition Considerations

Attention to package size, weight, and country of origin requirements is crucial when buying the Continental Terrain Contact H/T tyre. This thorough method assures a perfect tire-vehicle alignment for your needs.

In conclusion, the Continental Terrain tyre perfectly blends innovation and excellence from the heart of the US. This tyre elevates your driving experience with its custom dimensions, high performance, and precise manufacturing. The Continental Terrain tyre represents the pinnacle of tyre engineering on both smooth asphalt and difficult terrain.

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CONTINENTAL TERRAIN Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Tire Rack

  1. The Continental Terrain Contact H/T tire is durable and long-lasting, with a tread depth of 12 32nds and UTQG rating of 800AB.
  2. This tire is capable of carrying heavy loads, with a load index rating of 114.
  3. The tire’s radial construction and 18-inch rim diameter ensure stable handling and a comfortable ride.
  4. The Continental Terrain Contact H/T tire has been designed to perform well in a variety of conditions.
  5. With a brand like Continental behind it, customers can trust the quality and reliability of this tire.



Manufacturer Continental
Brand Continental
Item Weight 36.8 pounds
Product Dimensions 31.6 x 10.7 x 31.6 inches

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6) MICHELIN Premier LTX Car Tire

Best Tires For Ford Explorer

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Michael Premier LTX tyres deliver unmatched grip on dry and wet roads, making them the perfect companion in the tire-road dance. This tyre provides unmatched riding comfort, reduces road noise, and improves driving. Its durability makes it ideal for road trippers. The MICHELIN Premier LTX is the epitome of luxury and safety for high-end drivers.

Seasonless Excellence: A Tyre for Every Season

Michelin Premier LTX tyres transcend seasons. Its unique qualities set it apart in the tyre industry. Dimensions are crucial to choosing the right size. The tyre is 235/65R18 106V with an 18-inch rim diameter and 65 aspect ratio. A load index of 106 and a speed rating of V complement a 235-millimeter section width. This miracle can carry 2094 pounds and has 8.5 32nds tread depth.

Superior Traction Tread Design

The Michelin Premier LTX tire’s directional tread improves grip on dry and wet surfaces. This 8.5-inch rim width tyre dominates the road with 51 pounds per square inch of pressure. This tyre rules the road at 30.04 x 9.25 x 30.04 inches. Radial technology improves stability and handling, making driving fun. The tyre meets all quality and performance standards with a 620-A-A UTQG rating.

In conclusion, the MICHELIN Premier LTX vehicle tyre is the epitome of performance, security, and luxury. Its transforming qualities create the best driving experience, making every trip a testament to innovation and skill.

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MICHELIN Premier LTX Car Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Tire Rack

  1. The Michelin Premier LTX car tire has a load capacity of 2094 pounds, which makes it suitable for carrying heavy loads and ensures safety while driving.
  2. The tire has a tread depth of 8.5 32nds, which enhances its durability and ensures it lasts for a long time.
  3. The Michelin Premier LTX tire has a directional tread type, which ensures better traction on both wet and dry roads, providing excellent handling and stability while driving.
  4. With a UTQG rating of 620-A-A, the Michelin Premier LTX tire meets all the required specifications for quality and performance, ensuring that it delivers on its promises.
  5. The tire is constructed using radial technology, which enhances stability and handling while driving, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.



Seasons Year Round
Size 235/65R18 106V
Rim Size 18 Inches
Section Width 235 Millimeters

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7) Yokohama Car Tire

Best Tires For Ford Explorer

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The Yokohama Car Tire’s tread pattern is designed to give you a great grip on dry and wet roads. This unique quality makes it the perfect summer driving partner, assuring a safe drive wherever you go.

Perfect Comfort and Performance

Comfort should never be sacrificed for performance. The Yokohama Car Tyre delivers performance and a pleasurable ride. The tire’s engineering reduces road noise and vibrations, providing peace of mind on busy city streets or highways.

Yokohama’s Excellence Legacy

Iconic company Yokohama has supplied high-quality tyres to discriminating clients worldwide for decades. The Yokohama Car Tyre proudly continues this history as the summertime option for reliability and performance. Power is mainly evident in its specs.

The Specifications Unveiled

The 195/50R16 84V Yokohama Car Tyre has 16-inch rims. The tire’s 7.68-inch section width and 35 aspect ratio balance stability and style. The 84 load index and V speed rating give the tyre confidence, providing 1103 pounds of load capacity.

Tread and Construction: Precision Redefined

The Yokohama Car Tyre has directional tread and a 9 32nd tread depth. This precise engineering improves its performance on wet and dry roads, proving its versatility. Radial structure and 51 pounds per square inch pressure capacity match the tyre. The tyre balances well with a 6-inch rim width, improving performance.

Dimensions in Detail

Explore the Yokohama Car Tire’s 23.6-inch tyre diameter and 23.6 x 23.6 x 7.68-inch dimensions. Although strong, the tyre weighs 18.4 pounds, exhibiting its efficiency. The Yokohama-made ADVAN Fleva V701 proudly bears 110170134.

Unmatched Performance Metrics

Radials match the tire’s 300AAA Uniform Tyre Quality Grade (UTQG). For summer passenger car performance, the Yokohama Car Tyre promises unmatched handling, stability, and smoothness. However, the tire’s dimensions must match your vehicle’s to assure compatibility.

The Yokohama Car Tyre is the ultimate summer driving companion, combining innovation and excellence in every aspect. All travellers seeking an unforgettable experience are drawn to its tradition of excellence and cutting-edge technology. Experience summer driving at its best with Yokohama.

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Yokohama Car Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  CARiD


  1. The Yokohama Car Tire has a load capacity of 1103 pounds, making it suitable for larger vehicles.
  2. With a UTQG of 300AAA, this tire provides excellent performance during the summer season.
  3. Its directional tread type ensures better grip on both wet and dry roads.
  4. The tire has a maximum pressure of 51 pound per square inch, ensuring better control and handling.
  5. The tire is designed with a unique construction that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.



Brand Yokohama
Seasons Summer
Size 195/50R16 84V
Rim Size 16 Inches
Section Width 7.68 Inches

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Best Tires for Ford Explorer 2023-Complete Buying Guide

The Ford Explorer 2023 is a mid-size crossover SUV offering three available engine options and ample interior space for up to 7 passengers. Equipped with a standard 4×4 drivetrain and plenty of smart technologies, the Explorer is an excellent choice for anyone who needs the power and capability of a large vehicle without sacrificing comforts or convenience.

When it comes to getting around safely, having the right tires can make all the difference. The right tires will ensure that your vehicle maintains good traction in any kind of weather while also providing long-lasting performance. This handy guide will provide you with all the information you need to know to make an informed decision when choosing the best tires for your 2021 Ford Explorer:

Types of Tires for Ford Explorer 2023

Best Tires For Ford Explorer

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When it comes to choosing the right set of tires for your Ford Explorer 2023, there are several types available in the market. Each type is specifically designed to provide optimal performance and durability for different conditions, including dry, wet, snow and ice. Let’s take a look at each type:

  • All-Season Tires – These tires are designed with a more balanced set of tread patterns and materials which help them to adapt better to changing road conditions. All-season tires can be used year-round, but they should be replaced depending on road wear and tear endured throughout their lifespan.
  • High-performance Tires – High performance tires have superior grip and cornering capabilities which make them ideal for drivers looking for an exhilarating experience when behind the wheel of their Ford Explorer 2023. While these tires provide superb performance levels, they will not last as long as regular all-season or winter tire options.
  • Winter Tires – Temperature plays a huge role in tire performance—more specifically on cars with AWD or 4WD systems like the Ford Explorer 2023 that typically manage power output based on under-tire temperature levels. Winter tires feature extra “studs” either embedded within the rubber or attached externally depending on seasonality needs; these studs help with traction in thick snow/ice conditions while still providing a relatively quiet ride during warmer months.
  • Off Road & All Terrain Tires – Off Road & All Terrain Tires are designed to give superior traction over extreme terrain such as rocks, branches, mud and loose surfaces like sand or gravel; they often feature large side wall lugs designed to displace dirt before it can get compacted into the treads. They also feature asymmetric tread patterns which helps minimize wear when driving off road by evenly dispersing traction forces across both sides of each tire.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tires for Ford Explorer 2023

Best Tires For Ford Explorer

Photo Source:

When selecting tires for a Ford Explorer 2023, you should consider the size and specs of your vehicle to ensure that you purchase the right type of tire. Tires are designed to fit a specific size range, so it is important that you purchase the correct size. Additionally, it is important that you consider the load rating of your tire to determine which type will best suit your needs. The load rating indicates how much weight your tires can carry safely and comfortably.

Other aspects to consider include:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Traction performance
  • Speed rating
  • Road noise levels
  • Snow traction

Some models may have better fuel economy or lower road noise levels than other models so it is important that you do your research before buying new tires for your Ford Explorer 2023. Additionally, some tire models provide greater traction performance in wet or dry weather than others. Therefore, depending on where you live or how often you plan on using your SUV in certain conditions, the types of tires you should choose may vary.

Lastly, make sure to choose a tire with a speed rating that matches the maximum speed limit allowed by law in your area as higher speeds can require different types of tires with a higher speed rating. Keeping these factors in mind when selecting new tires for your Ford Explorer 2023 will help ensure the safety and longevity of these components for many miles ahead!

Different Brands of Tires for Ford Explorer 2023

Ford Explorer owners have a wide selection of tires to choose from for the 2023 model. Different manufacturers provide tires in different sizes and are designed for various driving styles and weather conditions. In this guide, we will outline some of the top tire brands for Ford Explorers and the benefits of each one, allowing you to make an informed decision when selecting the best set of tires for your specific needs.

  • Michelin Tires: Maybe the most popular tire brand on the market, Michelin offers several options that provide superior grip, handling, comfort, and stability. From all-season touring tires to sport performance tires – all made with high quality rubber compounds complete with trademarked technologies such as Michelin’s hallmark tread patterning – you can find something suitable regardless of how often you will be driving your Explorer or where you’ll be taking it.
  • BFGoodrich Tires: BFGoodrich Tires are an affordable option made specifically for larger SUVs like Ford Explorers that often transfers a great amount of weight. With such qualities as advanced traction patterns on their off-roading models optimally designed to handle mud or snow and road hugging rides on their touring lines, these are sure to provide robust performance in any given situation.
  • Cooper Tires: Cooper Tires provide value for money given their durable materials used in construction alongside cutting-edge technology implementations such as 3D sipes which improve braking power by providing increased friction and Hydro Grip tread patterns which help increase traction in wet conditions. There are also specific varieties ideal for off-roading that offer exceptional off-road capabilities well above kinds offered by other major brands.
  • Goodyear Tires: Goodyear is another well trusted tire brand with several products geared towards bad weather conditions amongst others which provides more precise handling due to reinforced belt construction used in many of its styles including all season tires with outstanding wet traction making them optimal choices year round while still performing when going off roading in snowy or muddy terrains. Clients also benefit from advanced compounds used which helps extend life expectancy even after they’ve seen thousands of miles already traveled across different terrain types.

Benefits of Good Quality Tires for Ford Explorer 2023

Excellent tires can make a significant difference in how a Ford Explorer performs and handles. When selecting the right tires, you’ll want to consider factors like size, load and speed ratings, as well as traction and tread wear. Here are some of the primary benefits of investing in good-quality tires for your Ford Explorer 2023:

  • Enhanced safety: Investing in higher-quality tire treads may give you better grip on wet surfaces or roads covered with snow and ice, thus improving driving safety. The sturdier rubber compounds used for high-end performance tires for your Ford Explorer will also handle better on dry roads.
  • Improved fuel efficiency: High-quality tires can reduce drag on the road which will help save fuel during long drives. They also decrease rolling resistance which has a direct effect on fuel economy over time even when driving short distances.
  • Last longer: Premium automotive tires are made from higher quality rubber compounds that are heat resistant giving them greater longevity compared to cheaper alternatives. If you’re looking for long-term performance out of your tires, it pays to invest in quality now rather than buy replacement sets multiple times throughout their lifespan.

Tips for Maintaining Tires for Ford Explorer 2023

In order to ensure your safety on the road and keep your Ford Explorer 2023 running optimally, it is imperative to maintain the tires on your vehicle. Here are some tips for maintaining the tires for Ford Explorer 2023:

  • Check tire pressure regularly using a tire gauge and make sure the pressure matches that recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  • Inspect tires periodically for wear or cracking, making sure they are not overinflated or underinflated.
  • Check tread depth and replace tires when tread is too shallow. This can be done by placing a penny in several sections of tread with Lincoln’s head upside down – if you can see all of Lincoln’s head, there may not be enough tread left.
  • Rotate tires periodically according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Balance tires every time they are rotated or replaced. This can be done at a service station or local car repair shop.
  • Have wheels aligned when necessary and check for wheel bearing issues as well.

Conclusion on Best Tires for Ford Explorer 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Choosing the right tires for your Ford Explorer 2023 can be a daunting task, with so many styles and features available. It is important to do research and make informed decisions to ensure optimal safety, performance, and longevity from your tires.

We have listed some of the top tire options while also providing information on other factors such as smart tires, fuel economy, all-season/winter/summer options, road noise levels, and more. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is best for your Ford Explorer 2023 based on where you are driving, the climate in which you live, how large of an investment you are willing to make in new tires for your vehicle and other factors.

Regardless of which option you choose from these great tire choices for your Ford Explorer 2023-based on budget or preference-make sure that safety comes first.


What tires do Ford Explorers use?

Ford Explorers typically use P255/55R20 tires, but it depends on the trim level and options.

What changes are in the 2023 Ford Explorer?

The 2023 Ford Explorer features a refreshed exterior design, updated infotainment system, and new safety features.

Can you put all terrain tires on Ford Explorer?

Yes, you can put all-terrain tires on a Ford Explorer.

How long do tires last on a Ford Explorer?

Tire life on a Ford Explorer can vary depending on usage, road conditions, and driving habits, but typically last around 50,000-60,000 miles.

How often should you rotate your tires Ford Explorer?

It’s recommended to rotate tires on a Ford Explorer every 6,000-8,000 miles or as recommended by the manufacturer.

How long do Yokohama tires last?

The life of Yokohama tires can vary, but typically last around 40,000-50,000 miles.

Is Yokohama better than Michelin?

Whether Yokohama or Michelin is better is subjective and depends on the specific tire and driving needs. Both brands offer high-quality products.

Which brand of tires last the longest?

It’s difficult to say which brand of tires lasts the longest as it depends on the specific tire and how it’s used.

Which car tyre brand lasts longest?

Same as above.

Which tyre is best for car Bridgestone or Michelin?

Whether Bridgestone or Michelin is the best tire for a car depends on the specific driving needs and conditions. Both brands offer high-quality products.

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