Best Mud Tires For Street 2023

Are you looking to raise your street game with some reliable mud tires? Well, look no further! We’ve done the hard work and compiled the best mud tires for Street 2023. Get the lowdown on top rated mud tires, their pros and cons and our ultimate buying guide. Let’s get rolling!

Best Mud Tires For Street 2023

  1. Toyo Tires 35×12.50R20 Radial Tire (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Cooper STT Pro Tire (Best Overall)
  3. BFGOODRICH Mud Radial Tire (Budget Friendly)
  4. Kumho MT71 Mud-Terrain Tire
  5. Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tire
  6. Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tire
  7. General Grabber X3 Tir

1) Toyo Tires 35×12.50R20 Radial Tire

Best Mud Tires For Street

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Off-road adventures require a tyre with good traction and control. The precise tread design of the Toyo Tyres 35×12.50R20 Radial Tyre ensures maximum traction and handling. Its purposeful structure makes it ideal for off-road aficionados who want to confidently navigate difficult terrain.

Durable Shoulder Design

Durability defines the Toyo Tyres 35×12.50R20 Radial Tyre. The strengthened shoulder design adds strength and durability. This resilient construction strengthens the tyre and ensures long-term performance in tough situations.

Beautiful Drives, Extreme Comfort

Driving should be relaxing. The tread pattern of this tyre is designed to improve stability and reduce road noise. The result? A smooth, pleasant ride that makes every trip enjoyable.

Confidently Overcoming Off-Road Challenges

An unexpected tyre is needed for off-roading. The harsh terrain-optimized Toyo Tyres 35×12.50R20 Radial Tyre delivers maximum grip. This increases safety and performance, giving you the confidence to overcome even the toughest circumstances.

The Best Performance and Durability

Toyo Tyres dominates performance and durability. The Toyo Tyres 35×12.50R20 Radial Tyre is designed to excel on a variety of surfaces. Dimensions are crucial when choosing a tyre for vehicle compatibility.

The Specifications Unveiled

For non-winter use, the Toyo Tyres 35×12.50R20 Radial Tyre has remarkable specs. This 35 x 1250R20 tyre with 20-inch rims makes a statement. Its section width is 12.5 inches and its aspect ratio matches. A load index rating of 121 and a speed rating of Q reinforce its performance, and its 3195-pound load capacity makes it appropriate for heavy-duty trucks.

Engineered for Power

Deeper into its composition, the Toyo Tyres 35×12.50R20 Radial Tyre has a 21 32nd tread depth and non-directional tread type. This elaborate design improves handling and stability on many terrains. The tire’s 35-inch diameter, 35 x 35 x 12.5 inches, and 80-pound weight give it road dominance.

Showing Off Unmatched Craftsmanship

This Toyo Open Country M/T tyre is renowned. Radial technology and a 10 Ply E-Load UTQG rating support its excellent construction. With its roots in Japan, the country of innovation, its precision engineering is shown by its 1-centimeter bolt pattern.

Finally, the Toyo Tyres 35×12.50R20 Radial Tyre combines performance, durability, and comfort. It calls drivers who want the best to its shining beacon. With a specially designed tyre for off-roading, travel confidently.

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Toyo Tires 35×12.50R20 Radial Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. High Load Capacity – With a load capacity of 3195 pounds, this tire is suitable for heavy-duty vehicles, making it an excellent choice for truck owners.
  2. Durable Tread – The non-directional tread type and 21 32nds tread depth provide improved traction on different terrains, making this tire durable and long-lasting.
  3. Wide Section Width – The 12.5 inches section width of the tire provides a wider contact patch with the road, resulting in improved stability and handling.
  4. Quality Construction – The tire is constructed using radial technology, which provides a smoother ride and better handling compared to bias-ply tires.
  5. Made in Japan – This tire is made in Japan, known for its high-quality manufacturing standards, ensuring the product’s reliability and quality.



Brand Toyo Tires
Size 35 x 1250R20
Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 12.5 Inches

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2) Cooper STT Pro Tire

Best Mud Tires For Street

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The 3-ply design of this tyre powers it. This architectural marvel provides strength and durability. Deep tread depth enhances tyre life, ensuring reliability and longevity on your travels. The Cooper STT Pro Tyre is a buddy for off-road adventures.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tyre: Versatile

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tyres are versatile. A year-round buddy, this tyre transcends seasons. It elegantly fits 17-inch rims at 33.03 x 33.03 x 11.5 inches and 56 pounds. Its 10-ply rating and 121 load index allow it to easily carry 3195 pounds, and its non-directional tread design prevents stone retention.

Unmatched Off-Road Skills

Off-road performance distinguishes the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tyre. No ordinary tire—it’s an adventure waiting to happen. It allows drivers to explore uncharted areas by providing excellent traction on mud, gravel, and rocks. This tyre represents Cooper’s dedication to excellent driving.

Durable Armour Tek3 Construction

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tyres embody durability. Built with Armour Tek3, this tyre can handle the toughest conditions. This road king can overcome punctures and other tyre issues. Featuring a manufacturer-backed limited guarantee, this tyre represents the highest quality and assurance.

In conclusion

The Cooper STT Pro Tyre is an engineering masterpiece. Designed for harsh off-road terrain, it redefines tyre performance. It’s the best choice for adventurers due to its traction, durability, and comfort. The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tyre is your ticket to new adventures. So outfit your car with the best and start exploring!

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Cooper STT Pro Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire is capable of carrying up to 3195 pounds, making it an ideal choice for drivers who need to haul heavy loads.
  2. With its non-directional tread design, this tire helps to prevent stone retention, reducing the risk of damage to the tire.
  3. The Armor Tek3 construction of the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire adds extra durability, making it capable of withstanding punctures and other types of damage.
  4. This tire is suitable for year-round use, making it a versatile choice for drivers who need a tire that can perform well in any weather.
  5. The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire is designed to provide excellent traction on any terrain, making it a great choice for drivers who like to take their vehicle off-road.



Brand Cooper
Seasons Year Round
Size LT285/70R17 121/118Q
Rim Size 17 Inches
Section Width 285 Millimeters
Tire Aspect Ratio 70

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3) BFGOODRICH Mud Radial Tire

Best Mud Tires For Street

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Revolutionary tread design powers the BFGoodrich Mud Radial Tyre. This unique design provides excellent traction and control in muddy and complex terrain. This tyre provides stability and reduces road noise, making for a relaxing ride.

Tailored for Muddy Marvels

The BFGoodrich Mud Radial Tyre glows brightly in mud. This tyre is designed to grip like no other, ensuring safety and performance on dangerous mud-covered pathways. Its self-cleaning tread pattern prevents mud and debris buildup. This ensures excellent traction in the muddiest circumstances.

Continuous Performance, Rain or Shine

When terrain changes, the BFGoodrich Mud Radial Tyre doesn’t fail. It performs well on all surfaces with its strong tread. This tyre is your constant buddy, giving maximum performance on rocky inclines and uneven paths.

Mastering Size and Stability

Size crucial for off-road tyres. The 30×10.00R14NHS/8PR Q BFGoodrich Mud Radial Tyre provides excellent traction and stability on even the roughest terrain. Stability and control increase with a 10-inch section width and 65-tyre aspect ratio.

Empowering Heavy-Duty Adventures

The BFGoodrich Mud Radial Tyre handles heavy loads. This tyre combines sheer strength with unwavering performance with a load index value of 99 and a load capacity of 1760 pounds. Its 18 32nd tread depth and symmetrical tread type provide reliable traction on various surfaces, proving its flexibility.

Use BFGoodrich Advantage

In an off-road world, the BFGoodrich Mud Radial Tyre represents reliability, performance, and endurance. It’s a partner that helps you confidently tackle the unknown, not simply a tyre. When you want to go off the usual path, let the BFGoodrich Mud Radial Tyre guide you with unmatched grip and stability.

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  1. Built to take on any terrain with its mud and climb specifications
  2. Comes with a standard limited 6-year warranty from the manufacturer
  3. Large size and high load capacity make it ideal for off-road adventures
  4. Radial construction ensures a comfortable ride
  5. Durable design and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance



Brand BFGoodrich
Seasons Year Round
Size 30×10.00R14NHS/8PR Q
Rim Size 14 Inches
Section Width 10 Inches

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4) Kumho MT71 Mud-Terrain Tire

Best Mud Tires For Street

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The Kumho MT71’s tread design is painstakingly developed to give unmatched traction and manoeuvrability on muddy trails and difficult terrain. This tire’s unique tread pattern provides excellent grip and control in dangerous muck and difficult terrain.

Shoulders reinforced for durability

A strengthened shoulder design makes the Kumho MT71 strong and resilient to tough situations. This upgrade lets the tyre handle off-roading without sacrificing performance.

Silent Stability: Tread Pattern Innovation

The Kumho MT71 rides quietly and comfortably. The tread pattern is designed to reduce road noise and improve stability, making trail travel peaceful. Your adventure is seamless and thrilling.

Grip and Safety Redefined: Mud Conquering Champion

A champion on muddy terrain, the Kumho MT71. Its specialised design maximises grip in muddy conditions, improving safety and performance on difficult terrains.

Stop Mud and Debris! Tread Cleans Itself

The tire’s self-cleaning tread design revolutionises traction by reducing mud and debris buildup. This feature provides steady grip, allowing you to confidently manage mud.

The Kumho MT71’s design prioritises durability through 3-Ply construction. On off-road adventures, its 3-ply design makes it strong and durable. The tire’s sturdy structure provides lifespan and performance on difficult terrain.

Deep Tread Depth for Longevity

The deep tread depth of the Kumho MT71 extends tread life. This technology extends tyre life, letting you enjoy many trips before replacing them.

Dimensions Matter: The Perfect Fit

Choosing the proper tyre for your car is vital, and dimensions ensure a perfect fit. Kumho’s 35X12.50R18 MT71 Mud-Terrain Tyre pairs well with an 18-inch rim. This tyre seamlessly balances performance and looks with a 12.5-inch section width and aspect ratio.

Load Capacity and More: Ratings

The Kumho MT71 has great load index and capacity. This tyre can easily carry high loads with a load index rating of 128 and a load capacity of 3970 pounds. Its Q speed rating, which enables speeds up to 99 mph, makes off-roading more versatile.

Asymmetrical Tread Type: Precision DesignThe MT71’s asymmetrical tread improves performance. This design innovation provides excellent traction and handling on and off the road, making your adventures thrilling and controlled.

Radial Advantage: Performance Redefined

Radial structure makes the Kumho MT71 powerful. The clever placement of tyre cords at 90 degrees to the travel direction improves performance. This design optimises block rigidity for better performance on rocks, mud, and gravel.

Summit Strength: 12-Ply Rating

The Kumho MT71’s 12-ply rating shows its durability. This tyre is designed to handle tough terrain and circumstances, ensuring uninterrupted adventures and unmatched performance.

Finale: Enjoy Your Off-Road AdventureIn off-road exploration, the Kumho MT71 Mud-Terrain Tyre is innovative and effective. The self-cleaning tyre, reinforced shoulders, and radial design make it an exceptional ride. Despite trail problems, the Kumho MT71 is a reliable partner. Take your off-road adventure to the next level with the Kumho MT71.

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Kumho MT71 Mud-Terrain Tire First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Kumho Mt71 Mud-Terrain Tire has a high load capacity rating of 3970 pounds, making it suitable for heavier vehicles.
  2. The tire has a speed rating of Q, allowing for safe driving at speeds of up to 99 mph.
  3. The asymmetrical tread type of the tire enhances its performance on and off the road.
  4. The radial construction of the tire provides increased block stiffness, further improving its performance.
  5. The Kumho Mt71 Mud-Terrain Tire is a reliable option for winter driving, ensuring safety and stability in harsh weather conditions.



Brand Kumho
Seasons Winter
Size 35X12.50R18
Rim Size 18 Inches
Section Width 12.5 Inches

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5) Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tire

Best Mud Tires For Street

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Its tread pattern, carefully built to handle a variety of driving conditions, makes the Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tyre powerful. In all conditions, this tyre provides maximum traction and precise handling.

Reinforced Shoulder Design

The tire’s strengthened shoulder construction makes it strong. This revolutionary structure boosts tyre strength and durability. This tyre endures rough terrain.

Smooth Ride: Silent Tread Pattern

Tyre tread pattern isn’t only about traction; it’s for comfort and noise reduction. The tread design improves stability and reduces road noise, making each drive pleasant.

Unwavering Defence: DuPont Kevlar EmpowermentThe Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tyre is built to withstand punctures utilising DuPont Kevlar, a durable polymer. Kevlar technology strengthens the tire’s sidewalls, ensuring safe travels.

Built to Last: 3-Ply Construction and Deep Tread Depth

The tire’s design is strong. It can survive tough conditions with its 3-ply construction. Deep tread depth improves traction and tread life. This combination allows longevity without sacrificing performance.

Master Every Terrain: On-Road and Off-Road

Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tyres are versatile. Drivers who want uncompromising performance on any terrain should choose it because it performs well on and off road. Unwavering capability overcomes difficult landscapes and uncertain conditions.

Size and load capacity matter.

Choose the right tyre by considering measurements. The 265/75R16 Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tyre has a section width of 265 millimetres and an aspect ratio of 75. A speed of Q and a load index of 123 are outstanding. These measurements are crucial for selecting the right vehicle compatibility.

Unmatched load-bearing ability

For heavy-duty vehicles, the Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tyre is revolutionary. It provides unequalled load-bearing capacity to the table, supporting 3417 pounds. This makes it essential for heavy-duty jobs.

Grip Redefined: Tread Depth and Traction

The tire’s 14.29-millimeter tread depth redefines grip. It provides consistent traction on wet and dry terrain, giving drivers confidence in bad weather. The road ahead becomes stable.

Excellence in Construction and Quality

The Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tyre uses Kevlar technology to strengthen and last. Its 400AA UTQG rating indicates its high quality and performance. This 53.1-pound tyre is perfect in every way, packaged in 31.7 x 31.7 x 10.5 inches.

Finally, the Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tyre is a monument to engineering excellence and creativity. This great pick ensures unwavering performance, durability, and comfort, elevating your driving experience. Whether on urban or rugged routes, this tyre excels at driving. Let the Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tyre define your journey with exceptional traction, strength, and comfort.

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Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tire First Hand Review Video


  1. The Goodyear Kevlar Radial Tire has a high load capacity of 3417 pounds, making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty vehicles.
  2. Its Kevlar technology enhances the tire’s strength and durability, providing long-lasting performance.
  3. The tire’s UTQG rating of 400AA indicates its high quality and performance standards.
  4. With a tread depth of 14.29 millimeters, the tire provides excellent traction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces.
  5. The tire’s dimensions must be taken into account when selecting the appropriate tire size for your vehicle, ensuring maximum safety and performance.



Brand Goodyear
Size 265/75R16
Rim Size 16 Inches
Section Width 265 Millimeters
Tire Aspect Ratio 75

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6) Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tire

Best Mud Tires For Street

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The Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tyre is ideal for off-road enthusiasts. This tyre has a unique tread shape designed for superior traction and handling in extreme circumstances. This tire’s tread shows its ability to handle tough mud and terrain.

The Reinforced Shoulder Design: Durability and Strength

Reinforced shoulders provide the Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tyre unmatched strength and longevity. This revolutionary design allows the tyre to handle tough terrain and extends its lifespan.

Comfort and Performance: Tread Pattern and Stability

Every driver wants a relaxing journey. The Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tyre understands this and has a tread pattern that improves stability and reduces road noise for a comfortable ride. This tire’s stability-serenity combination sets it distinct.

Muddy Conditions: A Tyre Built to Win

A confident and resilient tyre is needed for muddy terrain. The Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tyre is engineered for optimal traction in muddy conditions, assuring safety and peak performance when you need it most. Stop slipping and sliding—this tyre helps you climb muck.

Self-Cleaning Design: Unstoppable Traction

In even the messiest situations, the tire’s self-cleaning feature keeps mud and debris out, assuring traction. This characteristic makes the tyre reliable, ensuring it will function well regardless of the conditions.

The 3-Ply Resilient Core: Extended Tread Life

A strong core underpins long-term performance. The 3-ply Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tyre is strong and durable. This structure strengthens the tyre against tough circumstances and extends its lifespan. This tire’s substantial tread depth ensures a long tread life, allowing for uninterrupted trips.

Dimensions Matter: A Perfect Fit

Fitting your car perfectly is crucial. The Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tyre in LT275/65R20 fits your needs perfectly. This tyre meets your vehicle’s needs with a 20-inch rim, 275-millimeter section width, and 65 aspect ratio. It supports 3750 pounds with a load index of 126 and a speed rating of Q. This tyre blends into your vehicle, so you can relax.

Release the Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tyre for Durability.

The Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tire’s symmetrical tread type and 20 32nds tread depth combine strength and functionality. This tire’s improved tread compound and E ply rating make it durable enough to handle tough terrain and keep you in control. Its 20-inch tyre diameter offers stability and durability on any road.

The right tyre may make off-roading an exciting experience. The Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tyre is a benchmark for off-road tyres due to its heritage and competence. It represents innovation, durability, and unwavering performance—not just a tyre. Are you ready to unleash this outstanding tyre on your next off-road adventure?

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Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Ti First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tire has a load capacity of 3750 pounds, making it a top choice for those with heavier vehicles or those who plan on carrying a lot of weight.
  2. With a symmetrical tread type and a tread depth of 20 32nds, this tire is designed to handle tough terrain and provide excellent traction.
  3. Made with a new tread compound, the Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tire is built to last and provide reliable performance on and off the road.
  4. With dimensions of 34.3 x 11 x 34.3 inches and a weight of 58 pounds, this tire is a good choice for those who need a sturdy and reliable tire that can handle their vehicle and the terrain they plan on driving on.
  5. The Firestone M/T2 Max Traction Tire is made by Bridgestone, a trusted manufacturer in the tire industry.



Brand Firestone
Size LT275/65R20
Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 275 Millimeters
Tire Aspect Ratio 65

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7) General Grabber X3 Tire

Best Mud Tires For Street

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Its tread design, precisely developed to give unmatched traction and control on all surfaces, powers the General Grabber X3. This tire’s tread pattern provides a secure grip in difficult mud and gravel pathways.

Enhanced Shoulders for Durability

General Grabber X3 tyres are stronger and more durable due to their reinforced shoulders. This strengthening strengthens the tire’s structure, making it resistant to extreme conditions.

Comfortable Ride: Reduced Road Noise

Get rid of unpleasant rides. The General Grabber X3’s tread pattern improves stability and reduces road noise. Enjoy your off-road travels as much as the destination with smooth mobility.

Safety Redefined: Maximum Challenge Terrain Grip

General Grabber X3 tyres prioritise safety. This tyre excels in difficult terrains with unrivalled grip and control. Feel confident in off-road circumstances knowing your tyres are working hard to keep you safe and performing.

Self-Cleaning Tread: Rule the Elements

The General Grabber X3’s self-cleaning tread resists mud and debris. This tyre provides maximum traction in the toughest conditions by resisting buildup. No matter the weather, your tyres will perform well.

Built to Last: 3-Ply Construction

The General Grabber X3 tyre is built to last with a 3-ply structure. This structure strengthens the tyre, making it perfect for brief adrenaline rushes and long treks over difficult terrain.

Accepting Deep Tread Depth for Longer Tread LifeThe General Grabber X3’s substantial tread depth supports its long tread life. This tyre is meant to last through many adventures, giving reliability and performance.

Excellence: General Grabber X3 Tyre Unveiling

The General Grabber X3 Tyre excels in all aspects of tyre selection. This tire’s symmetrical tread pattern provides continuous traction on wet, dry, gravel and dirt conditions. Its load index rating of 118 and 2000-pound capacity make it stable and resilient for a variety of vehicles.

Handcrafted Quality: American-Made Guarantee

The General Grabber X3 Tyre is the peak of quality and longevity, made in the US. High-quality materials ensure its durability under harsh conditions. Its ideal package height and length make shipping and installation easy, making it a trustworthy and quality choice.

Increase your off-road adventure with the General Grabber X3 tyre. Unleash your car, overcome difficult terrain, and redefine your route with confidence. Choose the General Grabber X3 for uncompromising quality.

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General Grabber X3 Tire First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  TrailBuilt Off-Road


  1. Load index rating of 118 and load capacity of 2000 pounds for increased stability and durability.
  2. Innovative tread design for excellent traction and handling on wet and dry roads.
  3. Made in the United States using high-quality materials and construction methods.
  4. 10-ply rating for maximum durability and stability.
  5. Symmetrical tread pattern for even wear over the life of the tire.



Brand General
Size LT265/70R17/10
Rim Size 17 Inches
Section Width 265 Millimeters

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Best Mud Tires for Street 2023-Complete Buying Guide

With so many all-terrain and mud tires on the market, it can be difficult to decide which ones are best for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a tire that will work well in all conditions or one that can handle deep mud and adverse terrain, the right set of tires helps make the difference between a good drive and an awesome one.

This guide will help you find the best mud tires on the market for street driving in 2023. We’ll review features including tread design, construction materials, sizes, prices and availability to provide you with an overview of the top performers in each category. We’ll also provide tips on choosing your ideal tire size, as well as maintenance techniques to maximize your tires’ life span. No matter what type of terrain and driving conditions you prefer, this guide has something for everyone. From city streets to country roads, let’s dig into the key features to look out for when finding the perfect set of mud tires!

  • Tread design
  • Construction materials
  • Sizes
  • Prices and availability
  • Ideal tire size
  • Maintenance techniques

Benefits of Mud Tires

Best Mud Tires For Street

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Mud tires, commonly referred to as off-road tires, are a type of tire specifically designed to help your vehicle navigate any off-road terrain. They can provide improved grip on wet and slippery surfaces, aiding in better driving control. Although these tires have numerous benefits, the main ones include:

  • Increased Tread Life: Mud tires feature tougher rubber compounds that create increased tread life when compared to other types of street tires. This allows the tire to better penetrate muddy surfaces and still keep its shape.
  • Improved Traction: Improved tread designs combined with a higher number of grooves increase the tire’s traction in certain terrain conditions, enabling it to tackle even the toughest obstacles that come up on off-road trips.
  • Increased Steering Responsiveness: The improved contact patch design that comes with mud tires strengthens their grip when cornering in wet or loose terrain. This enables drivers to have more control on those risky terrains while maintaining their stability at higher speeds.
  • Better Resistance To Damage: Mud tire sidewalls are constructed using robust materials that help resist lacerations and cut resistance due to sharp rocks or twigs found on unpaved roads or trails. This means you don’t have to worry about punctures as much when using them on off-road journeys.

Different Types of Mud Tires  

Best Mud Tires For Street

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When it comes to finding the right mud tires for your vehicle, there are several different types that you can choose from. The two most commonly seen are All-Terrain (AT) and Mud-Terrain (MT).

All-terrain tires, or AT tires, are usually a good option when you’re looking for a balance between improved handling and better off-road performance. AT tires feature tread blocks with more aggressive treads than street tires and provide an optimal amount of traction on hard and loose surfaces. They are ideal for daily driving situations as well as light off-road use such as gravel or muddy roads.

Mud-terrain or MT tires feature aggressive tread patterns with large lug spacing that give them superior off-road traction capabilities in muddy conditions and over low traction terrain like sand and rocks. The increased spacing prevents mud from packing up between the lugs, allowing you to power through muck with ease. These types of mud tires have hard rubber compounds to prevent tearing, limit flexing, and enhance tire life overall. However, the extra rubber makes for stiffer ride quality on roads because they roll over sharper objects more slowly than ATs do.

Factors to Consider When Buying Mud Tires

When you’re in the market for new mud tires, there are a few key factors to consider. You’ll need to decide on the type of tire you want based on your budget and the driving conditions, as well as the size, tread pattern, and load rating that best suits your needs.

  • Type – Tires can be divided into two main categories: radial and bias-ply tires. Radial tires are more widely used by professional off-roaders because they are more durable and offer better stability at higher speeds. Bias-ply tires offer greater sidewall supple and deeper treads for increased traction in difficult terrain.
  • Size – Tires come in all different sizes, so it’s important to select one that is suitable for your vehicle. Tire size is usually represented either by a number or by a combination of letters and numbers (e.g., 295/70R16). If you’re unsure about how to choose the right tire size for your car or truck, consult with an expert at a local tire shop or do some research online before making a purchase.
  • Tread pattern – The type of tread pattern will affect how well your vehicle performs in different conditions. Different types of tread designs have unique characteristics when it comes to tackling various terrains, from mud to snow and rock climbing. When shopping around for mud tires, pay attention to any special features such as siping (designed for improved wet weather traction) or offset shoulder blocks (made for lateral stability).
  • Load rating – Depending on your driving habits and the type of vehicle you own, selecting an appropriate load rating is essential for safety purposes. It determines how much weight a tire can safely carry on public roads without risking blowouts or punctures during use. This information can usually be found on the side wall of any given tire (e.g., LT315/75R16 121Q).

Best Mud Tires for Street 2023

Mud tires are a top priority when it comes to 4×4 vehicles and offroaders. Mud tires provide better traction and better performance in extreme conditions on streets and challenging terrain. Whether you look for increased drivability, longevity or just the best possible look for your vehicle, the correct mud tire for your car’s make, model and budget is out there waiting for you.

In this guide we take a closer look at what makes great mud tires as well as important buying considerations such as fitment, construction materials, tread depth, load rating and overall grip capability. We also break down some of the most popular mud tire manufacturers while providing in-depth reviews of the best products on the market today. With our guide by your side shopping for the right set of mud tires will be easy and hassle-free!

Mud Tire Buying Considerations:

  • Fitment: When looking to purchase a set of mud tires double check that they will fit properly before pulling a trigger on your order. Many times tires with different measurements can use the same “tire size” code so it is best practice to take exact measurements
  • Construction Materials: Check to see if your chosen set of mud tires are made from good quality construction materials that are built to last and provide an overall increased performance in drivability versus cheaper alternatives
  • Tread Depth: When shopping for street legal or offroad focused mud tires check if their tread depth meets all federal regulations as some have specific minimums dependant on terrain type
  • Load Rating: Make sure that any new set of road legal offroad focused or regular street driving tire maximum load ratings correspond with manufacturer’s standards – never exceed these guidelines when selecting a new pair of heavy duty muddy roads optimized treads
  • Grip Capability: Lastly be sure to consider how much grip each given tire has in relation to a particular terrain such as wet roads/waterlogged surfaces – paying attention especially as some models boast higher levels than their competition.

Installation of Mud Tires

Installing new mud tires correctly is essential for maintaining a safe, smooth ride and getting the best performance from your tires. To get the maximum benefit from the mud tires you’ve purchased, it’s important to follow these installation steps:

  1. Make sure your vehicle is level and supported, leaving room beneath to fit new tires.
  2. Make sure your wheels are properly centered, balanced, and torqued according to vehicle manufacturer specifications.
  3. For enhanced performance and improved wear, don’t forget to check tire pressure with a gauge after installation.
  4. Check lug nut torque at least once per month; adjust as necessary according to manufacturer specification if too loose or tight.
  5. Lug nuts should only be tightened using a torque wrench—never use an impact gun or manual hand tool!
  6. After every wash or drive in harsh road conditions (gravel, dirt roads) double-check lug nut torque—even if freshly torqued before installing your new tires! It’s easy to lose track of when this step was last completed over time!
  7. Check brake pads are not worn down—installing new tires on worn brakes can cause premature tire wear and increases the likelihood of having flat spots which can lead to vibration in the steering wheel when driving at high speed or braking hard!
  8. Clip off any excess rubber on valve stems; too much rubber can cause air leaks which will reduce tire pressure!
  9. Install balancing weights onto wheels before mounting on your vehicle—this will help balance out any uneven wear and provide smoother performance during acceleration or braking.

Maintenance of Mud Tires

Maintenance of mud tires is essential for their longevity and performance. It is important to clean the tires regularly and inspect them for signs of damage or wear. This can include checking the tread depth and ensuring that all bolts, nuts, and fasteners are secure. Rotating the tires every 5,000 miles can also help to maximize their lifespan as this redistributes the wear evenly over the entire tire surface.

In addition to regular cleaning, mud tires should be aligned by a professional at least twice a year or when replacing components such as suspension components or wheels. This will ensure that they are running straight and balanced which improves handling performance, fuel efficiency and tire life expectancy. Apart from this, they should also be checked regularly for bulges, cuts or any other signs of potential damage which could affect safety.

Finally, it is important to check if your vehicle has any type of lift kit installed – unless you have mud tires designed for lifted vehicles (which are usually more expensive). Standard fitment doesn’t usually work properly with lift kits so it is worth investing in a higher quality tire if you want optimal performance and longevity from your investment.


When selecting a set of mud tires for the street, it’s important to research and compare the various tire models and find one that fits your needs. To get the best performance and value, consider factors such as traction level, load index capacity, tread depth, overall size, and price.

Doing so will help ensure you find the best street mud tires for your needs. When you evaluate each of these aspects carefully before making a purchase decision, you can make sure that the new set of mud tires fits both your vehicle’s size requirements and your budget. Additionally, with good research done prior to buying a set of tires, you should be rested assured knowing that they are designed to provide superior off-road performance in even some of the roughest terrains.


What is the best mud tire on the market today?

The best mud tire on the market today is a subjective question and may vary depending on factors such as the specific vehicle and driving conditions. However, some popular options include the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2, Nitto Terra Grappler G2, and the Toyo Open Country M/T.

What is the best brand of mud tires?

Some popular brands of mud tires include BFGoodrich, Nitto, and Toyo.

What is the highest mileage mud tire?

The highest mileage mud tire is also a subjective question and may vary depending on the specific tire and driving conditions. It’s important to check the tire’s tread life rating and compare it with other options.

What is the quietest mud terrain tire?

The quietest mud terrain tire is a subjective question and may vary depending on the specific tire and driving conditions. Some tires are designed to be quieter than others, but it ultimately depends on the specific tire and how it is used.

Are mud tires good for daily driving?

Mud tires are not ideal for daily driving as they are typically designed for off-road use and can be noisy and less fuel-efficient on paved roads.

Are mud tires good for everyday use?

Mud tires are not suitable for everyday use as they are typically designed for off-road use and can be noisy and less fuel-efficient on paved roads.

Do mud tyres use more fuel?

Mud tires may use more fuel than regular tires due to their heavier weight and larger tread blocks.

How many kms do mud tyres last?

The lifespan of mud tires depends on factors such as the specific tire, driving conditions, and tire maintenance. It’s important to check the tire’s tread life rating and compare it with other options.

How long should mud tires last?

Mud Tires are designed for off-road use and may not last as long on paved roads.

Do mud tires wear faster on highway?

Mud Tires are typically designed for off-road use and may wear faster on the highway.

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